The Thunder Review editor: the glorious hypetrain

12 December 2016

Magicarnia VETOS!

Recently, Magicarnia has preformed the first ever veto, and that is to its own action! This is a new course, and reasons is unclear. The President of Magicarnia isn't responding on why he vetoed this executive order, but we have some inside people who gave up some information. This action has had mixed review with the region in crisis. We will be giving segments and quotes from our interviews.

The reason Mr. President vetoed this order he himself handed out is simple, the simple lack of resources. The Regional Leaders and Officers can't meet in Thunder City, that is just going to be disaster, due to the recent state of Magicarnia. He also vetoed it because he believes that he can work to divert the situation. While this may be controversial, I stand by the President -Magicarnian Secretary of State Jim Crowbar
I believe that the President shouldn't have vetoed this order. Our region is in a state of crisis, and this Grand Assembly of Officers must happen in order to construct a plan. The region is in DEFCON 4, we need to step up with a plan. This veto is just getting in the way of our ability to recover from this situation -Leader of Wonderton
Is it just me, or nobody cares. We are an apathetic populace, just let us be, and don't disturb us. That would be great, thanks. -The Assembly of Apathetic People

So there we have it, 3 points of view regarding the new veto of the executive order. We will have another report as soon as the President comes out with a statement.

Delegate Woes

The Nationstates Moderators, after a large and unprecedented occurrence, reported the Republic of Wonderton and the Federation of Iliokast to be run by the same person. While this is quite a lie, the World Assembly Intelligence Commission uses computers and data analysis, not a holistic review, which may be the cause of this dispute. Upon the loss of the World Assembly Delegate, Magicarnia ordered a DEFCON 5 situation. However, negotiations and disputes allows Wonderton back into the World Assembly. With this, Magicarnia lowered the situation to DEFCON 4, as the World Assembly doesn't recognize the Delegate as a Delegate until files are sorted during the update.

I wasn't expecting this. When I looked at the state of the nation in the morning, I find this telegram, and my heart stopped. I'm glad this situation is now over -Wonderton

Raid Team Success (Finally)

After two failed raids, the The Thunder Territory Raid Team, lead by The Glorious Hypetrain managed to take control of and destroy the region Nibba. It was an unsecured region lead by the Protectorate of Distractions, and as TGH put it:

"They left the front door wide open, just asking us to come on in

What was found even more funny however was the fact the founder didn't and still doesn't know how to unban himself, causing them to lose the region. The team is currently waiting for further orders, and is currently working on more diplomatic means of communication for the future.

Quarvia on Nepotisim

Recently I have been conducting an experiment in a region that some of you might be familiar with, Proxy. This region is entirely run by accounts owned by me. Today, I'm here to report to you that the experiment has been a complete success. In fact, I have proven that it is in fact, OK to run a region entirely with your own accounts. In all actuality, it might actually be more effective to run a region by executive order all by yourself. According to my experiment, all proposals in the region passed with an astounding majority from all qualified parties. Which means that autocratic or nepotic rule is actually a good thing upon a region if not abused. That also means that I'm personally advocating nepotism as a way to avoid corruption.

Update times / Influence

Another benefit of the Nationstatesplusplus plugin allows for a prediction of UPDATE times, which processes influence, region changes, WA Endorsements, and much more. It also allows for users to see Influence levels as numbers, making the raid process much easier.

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