Revolutions in Technology Abby Davis

Past: Industrial Revolution


Population Boom

The population started growing so they had to come up with ways to withhold themselves.

In 1700-1800 Europes population went from 120 million to 190 million people.

Agricultural Revolution

They needed more food for the growing population. So they came up with ways to grow food better and faster.


Once they found coal they started making steam powered things.

Such as steam engines and steam boats.

Technological Advancements


They invented multiple new ways of transportation. Such as steam boats steam engines, canals, and eventually the car.

Clothing Production

To begin with the salesmen would take raw materials to families and the families would make the clothes. They would pay them for their service and go sell the clothes. But once they made factories they had people come and work there.

Coal and Iron

They used coal and iron for multiple things like helping transportation, transportation was made with iron. And they used iron to make new tools.


  • They had more jobs for people.
  • They made better transportation.
  • Less people died because people got healthier.
  • They were able to produce things faster.


  • They forced children to work.
  • They worked long hours and got little pay.
  • The city's were over crowded.
  • The factories were polluting the air.

Present: Digital Revolution



More people are demanding the technology that we now have. Now that we all have phones people are addicted to them and are starting not to appreciate the environment.


The internet was made in 1969 but then they only used it for a limited amount of things. Now we use it for a wide variety of things. From our own entertainment to information. And we keep coming up with ways to use it.

Social Media

Social media has become a big part of our lives. It is giving people a false sense connection to other people. And because we think they are connected to those people we focus more on "meeting" new people.

Technological Advancements


Bluetooth gives us the possibility to connect our phone or tablet to something else without wires or cords.

Smart Watches

We are now able to do more than just check the time on our watches we can see our activity for the day, text, call, and so many other things.


Laptops are nice for a work and home environment because you can easily move them between places. They have all the things that the computers that plug into the wall have they do the same thing they are just smaller and portable.


  • You have faster communication.
  • You can multitask.
  • You have further communication.


  • People text and drive.
  • People start talking in text slang.
  • People get cyber bullied.

Future: Space Exploration and Travel



Our world is expanding but our recourses are not. So we are going to have to find new worlds to live.


Scientists are speculating about how we can not be the only life source in the universe. They are trying to come up with ways to communicate out into space, hoping other intelligent creatures will hear.

New Knowledge

Space is a vast area that we know little about. We want to learn more about the unknown so we are coming up with ways to find out. Such as the Hubble telescope and new space shuttles.

Future Advancements

Tarraforming mars

Scientists are thinking of many ways they can create Mars into another Earth.

Space Craft

We will have better space crafts to travel in, not just for us but the environment as well.


Better communication will come with better shuttles. Communication might evlovle to where there are no more communication losses.


  • We will have better technology.
  • New places to explore.
  • More knowledge about what's around us.


  • Costs a lot of money.
  • Takes a long time to build and move.
  • Space junk will fill the atmosphere.
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