"My life closed twice before its close" Emily Dickinson


My life closed twice before its close. She is talking about how she lost her loved ones twice before she died. She then describes if she will ever love again. Saying that she is unsure if she will.

she doubts that she will have love again. Saying she is scared to find it as she might fail again. Then she describes how her loved ones left her from earth and went to heaven. Then she means that they moved to a better place so she is happy but doesn't understand why it hurt her in the process.


The first stanza describes how emily lost her loved ones 2 times before she dies. Meaning they were very close to her. then she describes a third event to me saying it would be equally bad as the other two deaths. Then she says If and It describing how she doesn't know if she will ever have love again.

In the Second stanza author says so huge, so hopeless describing how utter worse a third similar event would be. Then she describing imagery by saying parting is all we know of heaven meaning her loved ones left her from earth and heaven is where we assume. Then she goes on to say and all we need of hell saying she does not know why they left her, because it hurt her spirit bad even though she is happy for them.

The two words heaven and hell symbolize how their relationship was it had both positives and negatives in it. shifting the poem into knowing they weren't perfect with each other, we know they fought and had disagreements but that does not mean anything. Just shows a normal relationship. She capitalizes the word "Parting" i believe to describe how they left her and that it took a lot out of her. Saying how much it hurt her soul and that she is scared she might fail at love again.


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