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Hello. We are Scott, Freya, Elliott and Hope. We are all Year 10 students at Magna Academy in Poole and we are all mad keen to explore a range of Media projects to broadcast Student Voice. We also want to give people outside Magna a look at the life of the school and the people who make up our community.

This project is called 'Meet The Teacher'. Every now and again we will be interviewing and photographing one of the Magna teachers. We will be publishing each interview as a microsite (like this one) and then broadcasting it via hyperlinks from the school's social media channels.

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Thank you.

Our next volunteer interviewee is Mr. Kidman...

Mr Kidman is a fantastic teacher of History at Magna. He is a familiar face among most of the student, with his fantastic personality and great teaching methods, he is a top choice when we ask "who is your favourite teacher?"

Like our previous volunteers, we wanted to ask Mr. Kidman a few questions to help students and their families to get to know him better too. As a group, we hope that this interview will help accomplish this because establishing a friendly relationship with your teacher is an extremely important part of school and Mr. Kidman especially is one to get along with because he is amazing and is a great factor to you......

absolutely smashing your GCSE’s!!!

Anyway, enough waffling on.

First we asked Mr Kidman a settling opening question.....

Q: "Hi Sir how are you today?"

To which he replied:

Happy!! it's International Happiness Day, so it's only appropriate.

We then asked him a more useful question, about his first year properly teaching at Magna after completing his training:

"is it everything you'd have thought it would be like? Were there any surprises that your training had not prepared you for?"

And he told us "Luckily, I did my training at Magna, so I knew what I was getting into" but, like most people, he said that "come 3pm on Friday, I am exhausted, no training prepared me for the exhaustion".

Next, we asked him a more exciting question:

You've organised the Berlin trip, along with Mrs Cook and most of the students going are extremely excited for it...

"what are you most looking forward to?"

He kindly said that he's excited to go with Year 10, he thinks we're a great group, plus he's never been to a concentration camp before...

"I think I'm looking forward to visiting a concentration camp most, I never have been to one before and I know that it'll be really interesting."

You are already one of the most popular teachers in the school and there are many rumours and legends going around about you. We heard that you, yourself, have created some of these myths during lessons, the most recurring of which is that you were on 'Love Island'.

"were you really on 'love island' or is it just a mere rumour?" please discuss....

He laughed a lot and then finally gave an explanation: "When it was on TV in the summer, someone in my Year 8 class asked if I'd ever go on 'Love Island'. Thinking it was a ridiculous question he gave them what he thought was a ridiculous answer and he told them:

"You can't go on 'Love Island' if you've already been on it. I can't go on it because I was on it two years ago..."

...and from there it grew, despite poor Mr Kidman meaning it totally as a joke. So we tackled another rumour:

"PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT THE WHOLE MOULDY POTATO INCIDENT WAS ABOUT. why on earth did you keep it in your classroom for so long?"

He laughed again and told us that after an activity at Open Evening last year, a potato was left behind in his classroom, and simply became part of the furniture until...

"...it collapsed in on itself." Delightful... May the potato rest in peace.

We then asked him some more sensible questions...

"Why did you choose to teach history?"

To which he replied:

"it's just the best."

And when we asked him to elaborate, he told us that there are so many interesting stories surrounding it- and they're all true. He said that there are loads of things you can explore, and there are always new things to learn.

We've heard that you have many talents other than your excellent teaching: Playing the trumpet; Speaking Mandarin...

"How did you come about learning such skills?"

He proudly said that he learned to play the trumpet when he was only seven, then getting his Grade 8 at thirteen, and then a diploma at seventeen. At school, he had the options of taking German, Spanish or Mandarin for GCSE, and he chose Mandarin, even getting to go to China.

Next we asked him a more personal question:

"Who is your biggest inspiration?"

Expecting a deep response, Mr Kidman instead answered:

"Albus Dumbledore."

Yes, the fictional wizard.

Although after laughing at him for quite a bit, we realised that maybe it was more justified than we first thought, as he read out one of his quotes:

"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light."

We also asked him:

"Who would you say your celebrity look-alike is? we think it's either fix-it-felix (from 'wreck-it ralph') or Gordon brown."

He was horrified at the Gordon Brown suggestion, and after originally denying knowledge of who Fix-It Felix was, he said:

"I get called Fix-It Felix everyday, but I asked Miss Carmichael, and got told that I look like a young Jim Carey."

Another serious question we asked was:

"what do you think is most important for a teacher to do?"

And he quickly replied:

"Love your subject."

Explaining that if a teacher is not passionate about their subject, then they cannot expect their students to be. Much more inspirational than Dumbledore I think.

We then asked him:

"Do you have any teaching horror stories yet?"

And he told us about that he has had one day off in his entire career.

"Make it clear, I was not sick, it was an external Training Day."

Clearly, he is as passionate about his attendance as he is his students. Anyway, he told us that Ms Cudapas kindly took his tutor group for the day, and he received a distressed email from her, telling him that one of his students had been sick on her carpet, so he was grateful to have missed it. A lucky escape.

We then asked:

"what is something that you are most proud of doing?"

He said it was a tricky one and that he'd probably say his trumpet diploma, but the fact that he ran a 95-person orchestra at University was something he was proud of.

Next we asked a question requested by many people we have talked to:

"Along with your popularity among students, you have picked up the nickname 'Kiddy-Man', how do you feel about it?"

He seemed quite unbothered and just said:

"It's close enough, and not rude, so I shouldn't complain."

We then asked:

"What was your favourite thing about school when you were a student? did you like history as much then?"

He told us that he was into a lot of extra-curricular activities at school, and he was house captain in Sixth-Form. As for history, he told us:

"When I was about six, I got £1 pocket money each week, and every week I went to Poundland and bought a history book. I had a huge collection of these."

I jokingly asked him if he had many friends when he was six, which lead to him giving us this hilarious quote:

"I didn't need friends; I had my books."

Finally, we asked a question that we have asked all our other interviewees, a question that is sweeping the staffroom:

"what is your superhero name if you mix the name of your first pet and the surname of your first partner?"

So far we have had varying levels of success with cool sounding names, and Mr Kidman added another to pile, in the form of:

"Sandy Bolden"

We managed to locate a few real Sandy Boldens, but unfortunately they don't seem very prepared to fight evil.

A huge thank you to Mr Kidman for such an amusing interview!!

Watch out for the next issue of Meet The Teacher. We hope it goes down well with the Magna community and with all our friends in the bigger world, as the last issues have. 😁

The Magna Media Club

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Freya, Elliott, Scott & Hope (Y10 Media Club)


All our photography of Miss Clampin was taken by this student team.

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