Why Recycling Should Be Mandatory A necessary step for the united states

Waste disposal methods used by the United States are dangerous to the environment and to man. For example, the disposal of wastes by burying poisons the soil around it and may also poison the water, which might be used by the surrounding population.This visual helps me convey that message.
The visual illustrates the release of poisonous gases into the atmosphere due to waste burning. These gases are also termed "green house" gases and contribute greatly to global warming; they trap heat radiated by the earth's surface and keep this heat at ground level.

Garbage is disposed of and forgotten about.

This abandoned waste can then accumulate to form huge landfills and go on to poison its surroundings, like water supplies, which might be used by the surrounding population.

This garbage can also tend to poison the soil it is placed on.

Recycling is the solution to the problems faced by poor waste disposal. This visual helps demonstrate that recycling is not a hard process and it all begins at home.
This visual illustrates that Christmas agrees on making recycling mandatory.
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Mesue Ngalame


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