Diversity and Inclusion in digital literacy

Diversity: using a variety of tools and devices, including knowledge from different backgrounds and people. Working with people online or classroom based from various backgrounds without discrimination. Understanding opinions expressed by others, and being tolerant to these. As well as being able to express own opinions but understanding the thoughts and feelings of others.

Inclusion: ensuring the content of lessons and sessions covers everything not alienating sectors/people. This includes providing access to the necessary tools and equipment required to take part in sessions and learn the digital skills.

Tutor Values and Attitudes

The tutor should provide a safe learning environment for the learners to develop new skills, and be able to express their ideas. They should be willing to learn new skills themselves to pass on to the learners to help further development, and encourage learners to discover new tools and technologies for themselves. The tutor should be bias free giving the learners pros and cons, allowing the learners to decide for themselves what works and doesn't work. Acting as a guide in the learning process. The tutor should promote equality and diversity in the classroom.

Five strategies to Ensure Diversity and Inclusion

Differentiation in lesson plans to cater for different abilities, background and experiences.

Promoting on a culture of respect and consideration when collaborating online and in the classroom

Tutor CPD - continuing to learn new skills and knowledge to share with learners

Contextualizing resources and activities to suit different backgrounds and experiences

Encouraging learners to work with groups of people they may not consider working with or may have prejudices against (using online tools).

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