Raising the family Jewl-et parenting a capulet child from infancy to adolescence

Capulet Ball and a Special Suprise

I can not spare my excitement ! Today Juliet will be attending her first ball, hosted by her father, Lord Capulet , at the family estate. It will be a truly wonderful experience for her, for it is necessary for a lady to know how to host a proper gathering. It is especially necessary for a bride to be!

Capulet Ball room

I am just beaming with joy, my young Juliet has a potential suitor and from my understanding he is of noble birth. Her father feels that she needs more time, that she is not yet ready for this grand responsibility. This brought to mind a time when Juliet was merely a small child and she fell flat on her face. My late husband brought her to her feet and said " This time you fell on your face, but one day , when you're old enough, you will fall on you back!". And now that day is nearing, Oh how time flies ! What an honor it is that she shall be the wife of the wonderful County Paris! They will have a great life together with beautiful children. Indeed, at the ball she is to seek him out and get to know him. So, then they could begin their marriage and family together. Oh happy times!

Rebellion in a Safe Way

Lately, Juliet has been acting unlike herself. But fear not, this is a normal and healthy part of a child's maturation into adulthood. I would rather leave out the specific details for sake of respecting her privacy, but none the less, I have decided I am going to support her in these endeavors. For, it is important for a child that they can confide in a parent figure, and in return receive support. True intentions mean a great deal to Juliet, as they would to any child. I am noticing that she is becoming increasingly more direct in her demands of me, she knows what she wants. I just wonder if it's what she needs right now. I am doing my best to please her with the most sincere of intentions, while at the same time protecting her and abiding by her parent's wishes.

My little Juliet is growing up and making her own choices now. And I find nothing wrong with trying to help along the way, with these decisions and their consequences. Juliet means the world to me and the entire Capulet house. Whatever it is that makes her happy, it is my duty that she is able to obtain it. Teenagers will be teenagers, but as a parent figure, one must support the child's desires in a healthy way that keeps them fulfilled and safe at the same time.

The Capulet way of Coaching a Child Through Grief and Loss

Recently, the Capulet house has lost one of it's proudest kinsmen, Tybalt. He was slain by that Romeo of the Montagues, who has been banished from Verona and I believe now resides in Mantua . Oh, I knew one day this feud would shed blood, but this was so unexpected and out of the blue. Every Capulet is processing their loss differently, Lord and Lady Capulet are mourning in a typical manner. However, Juliet is most upset about her loss. Perhaps it is because this is the first time she has experienced such a sudden death. Perhaps, it is not this at all.

Juliet's parents have decided to give her an opportunity to distract herself from her grief and give her something she was once very excited about. Lord Capulet confirmed a marriage to County Paris this Thursday at St. Peter's Church. But, now that feeling is no longer mutual between Juliet and her family. And this sent Lord Capulet on a rampage. I attempted to defend her against him, but he shamed me into silence. In a healthy situation, a child should be allowed to grieve naturally and at their own pace, free from interruption. However, in Juliet's case, action must have bee taken. For mourning was on the verge of consuming her. So after her father stormed off, Juliet looked to me for direction. Should she go along with her father's plans of marriage to Paris even if in her heart she had doubts? She requested my most sincere and honest answer and I delivered. I told her do as her father wishes, for in this circumstance, it is what is truly best for her. She thanked me for my advice and left to go seek confession from Friar Laurence. I am not quite certain if this marriage going to happen or not, but boy do I hope so for Juliet's and everyone else in the house's sake.

Wedding Bells!

It is time! The day has come! Juliet has agreed to marry the lovely Paris! The wedding has be moved, by Lord Capulet himself, from Thursday to tomorrow. I am over come with joy for Juliet, she has ceased her rebellion stage and has accepted the role of being a noble lady. What a wonderful chance is this for her to live a genuine, happy life. Both Juliet and County Paris have much to be grateful for.

Love is in the air!

I could not be more proud of Juliet! Years of conditioning her behavior, being loyal, and supportive have proven to be successful. This is going to be the most extraordinary wedding in the entire history of Verona, only the best for Lord Capulet's beloved daughter. Oh I could just see it now... extravagant arrays of decor and scenery. A feast prepared by none other than the finest chefs in all of Italy. It shall be a truly memorable occasion. The anticipation is killing me! Only one more day, hopefully I can manage. She has come of age! And I am sure she will not disappoint, and be a wonderful wife to the County Paris.

Final Entry:Juliet is ...Dead!

Why?! The idea that she is dead is vile! How could this happen?! She was so young, so innocent. What a cruel world! There are no words in existence that can describe my pain and suffering! Nothing can do my hurt justice. I am utterly speechless. What am to do with myself now? There is no reason to go on living if my poor baby is dead! Friar Laurence tells us she rests with God now, but that is of little consolation. She belongs here in Verona, celebrating her wedding. Why now? Why today, of all days! How God, can you be so selfish to take away our precious little angel?! How could you do this to us? County Paris, oh poor, poor Paris will be scarred for the rest of his life. Lord Capulet along with his legacy are destroyed. Lady Capulet is an emotional disaster , death has stolen her only child.

As for Juliet, she lies in blanketed in death on her bed in the very clothes she had worn the day before. What shall be done with her corpse, the very word sends chills down my spine. She was once full of life, and now she rests there so ghastly and still. At quick glance one may confuse her for a porcelain doll. Oh the beauty, the tragic beauty! Arrangements are being made to lay the beauty to eternal rest in her burial chambers. Juliet's funeral shall take the place of her wedding. Just ravens will take the place of doves, as mournful sobs shall replace joyous tears, and as grief shall overcome happiness.

Capulet Burial Monument


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