Good Life Performance Charles Anthofer

The Spatial Setting

Outside of the theater

When I first went into the theater it was bigger than I thought it was going to be. Because this was the first time iv'e been in the Constans theater it was cool seeing it inside. I sat in the middle of the theater on the right side when you walk in so the location didn't really affect my opinion on the performance. Because of the full auditorium I felt like i was able to experience the performance with other people and be apart of a story which was great. Space can play a big role in the good life because appearance is a huge part of how we form opinions on things we encounter. When the lights dimmed and audience quieted I was thankful because i was ready for the play to begin.

The Social Experience

The pamphlet we were given before the performance

I attended the performance by myself and it was still a good experience. I didn't really do much to get ready for the performance except make sure i was dressed appropriately for the play. Even though i attended the performance by myself I was able to share my experiences with people i know who also saw the performance and we all really enjoyed it. Shared experiences are important to the good life because we are able to connect with others more easily and in that way find meaning in our lives.

Cultural and Intellectual experience

The play has helped me develop a new way of understanding my culture because of all the themes the play addressed. Important themes include poverty, oppression, religion, and importance of the arts, and many others. I didn't know any of the subject matter before attending the performance. The play helped me realize the importance of culture and the arts as well as truth versus certainty. Some of the material in the performance i can relate to which helped me feel more connected and enjoy the performance even more.

The emotional Experience

Sarah Brenhardt

The performance provides us with an opportunity for katharsis because it deals with controversial issues like religion and oppression. The play is about a play which is interesting because it deals with katharsis in the play itself. Sarah Brenhardt knows the importance of the theater and how truth can be expressed through it in ways nothing else can. After the play was over the after talk with the actors showed to me how much they care for theater and how they learned so much from this performance as well. Overall, i was expecting not to like the play very much but i actually really enjoyed it. This performance made me realize how theater can be so important and how the life can be so complicated and yet you can still find the good life.

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