My Premier learning journal By Dr. Stephanie Jessup

Week 1

Week one the assignment was to create a video with a series of pictures detecting a single color. I chose red as my color.

I searched through my photos looking for ones that had red in them. I found plenty. The video was supposed to be 15 seconds long so I didn't need that many pictures.

What I didn't think about was the fact that they were different sizes. I had to scale them in premier so that the whole image would display. Next time I'd crop them all in photoshop first and make them all the same size before bringing them in to premier.

The video piece wasn't that difficult. This journal is a little more challenging. I had to create this on my iPad and typing is tedious with the onscreen keyboard. Also it's difficult to copy and paste the video link when that was created on my mac.

Below is the red video I created.

Week 2

This week we were supposed to create a 20 second movie about a single concept. We could shoot our own footage or use footage found online. I decided to use some videos I had recorded of An Oriole getting some jelly at the bird feeder.

I tried several different transitions in the video including opening and closing transitions. The mechanics of putting in the transitions is straightforward but getting the timing right and choosing the right one is more difficult.

Here is my video for week 2.

Week 3

This week the assignment was to do a shot reshot movie. The suggestion was to do a knock knock joke. I convinced my husband to be my actor. I didn't quite get the suggested length of 20 seconds but I think the concept comes through. It's hard to know when shooting how long the sequence will come out once you start editing.

At work we do a lot of shooting in this style to demonstrate conversations. It was interesting to think about how to get the establishing 2 shot with a single actor. I also went back to the 2 shot at the end to tie it all together.

Here is my video for this week.

Week 4

This weeks assignment was to show continuous motion. Once again I asked my husband to be my actor. I chose to show starting the tractor as my motion.

It took a couple of tries in editing to get the timing right on some of the cuts. Also I was shooting this in the evening and the lighting was a little challenging. I could have changed the pace by speeding up the final cut as the tractor pulled out.

Here is my video for this week

Week 5

This week the assignment is to create a screencast. Time limit is 90 seconds. That sounds really short until you start recording something.

This was more challenging than I thought it would be. My screen recording software kept giving me a black screen instead of my video. Then I tried my work computer and kept crashing the software with not enough system resources. Resorted to using quick time to record the screen and then the audio. Had a hard time getting the timing to work.

Here is this weeks video.

I saw one persons assignment and she used character animator to create an animated teacher at a desk. It's a great option to use when you want to record audio but the person speaking doesn't want to be seen on camera.

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