Thomas Jefferson By Jackson storey

Early Life/ Childhood- first memory was when he was 3 and was with his dad's slave into the wilderness. His mother, Jane Randolph was born into a wealthy family. He had 8 siblings. He was a very smart child, at age 9 he had been avid in 3 languages. His father died when he was 14 so he inherited his land and slaves. His father was a ship's captain and for a minute was a planter. He was born into wealth
Education- At age 9 he started boarding with a minister-teacher nine months out of the year for schooling. Ended schooling at age 16 enrolled in the college of William and Mary.
Career- Jefferson emerged as perhaps the nation's best-read lawyer upon his admission to the Virginia bar in April 1767.
Presidency- He wanted to restore the principles of the American Revolution. He became president because he wanted to regulate the laws and restore american president.
Impact- He wrote the declaration of independence that freed the 13 colonies from england. Jefferson swore "eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind's of man."
Fun Facts- Jefferson was also an accomplished architect. He designed his famous home at Monticello as well as buildings for the University of Virginia. He had nine brothers and sisters. The White House was called the Presidential Mansion at the time when he lived there. He kept things informal, often answering the front door himself. The U.S. Congress purchased Jefferson's book collection in order to help him get out of debt.


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