What Canada Has to Offer By: Josh.D

1.Support on Olympics

Vancouver hosted the 2010 winter Olympics which brought more Canadians to support the Canadian teams. There is a website for the Canadian team foundation which was founded in 2007("Canadian Olympic Foundation.") where you can donate to support the Canadian team. The sport that got a lot of Canadians to watch was the men's hockey team. We won gold in the Vancouver 2010 and the Sochi 2014 winter Olympics.("SCORE BOARD.") and soon to be the 2018 PyongChang winter Olympics. There was only 1522 Canadian men athletes and 1044 Canadian women athletes. And finally Canada won 3rd place in the 2010 winter Olympics with 14 gold medals 7 silver and 5 bronze.("Vancouver 2012.").

Personally i think Canada is the best when it comes to cheer up on our Canadian teams. The reason why i chose this as the best thing Canada has to offer is because the more you get motivated the more you get determined to complete your goal so the more we support the more the athletes get determined.

2. Health care

Health care is a system that provides all Canadians no hospital bills.("Canadian health care."). July 1 in Saskatchewan was when free health care was introduced(Brown and Taylor). And at this moment Canada was the 11th country to get health care first(Praveenghanta). the person to introduce free health care in Canada was Tommy Douglas(Brown and Taylor). Tommy Douglas started it it because he made a promise to the people in Saskatchewan that he would make health care free. Tommy Douglas was the premier of Saskatchewan.

I think free health care is one of the best ideas ever. Since hospital bills can really stress out citizens financially and also put them to debt if the injury is extremely severe. So thats what makes health care really important

3. Iconic buildings of Canada ( Cn Tower )

The Cn tower was designed by an architect by the name of John Andrews.("CN Tower by John Andrews at Great Buildings.").The purpose of the cn tower was to show off the stength of Canadas architectural and engineering industries by creating the biggest tower in the world(Toronto, Culture Trip.) The Cn tower started to be constructed was February , 6th 1973 and it opend at June 26 , 1976. And where it was built were at these coordinates. lattitude:43.642566229238305. Longitude: -79.38705682754517.

I think the cn tower is really important to what Canada has to offer is because it shows how strong Canadians are when it comes to architecture, which makes me feel safe to know that Canadians can create strong and durable buildings . This is also important because its now Canada's national tower.

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josh depoo


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