Principles of Quality Management ZAA107 - WEEK 6

Key Session Outcomes

  • Understanding the concepts of quality and total quality management.
  • Understanding the background to ISO9001.

Leadership and Quality Management

In some of your other subjects, you may have been exposed to the principles of management and leadership. Leadership involves a wide range of actions; we will concentrate on the actions to take in regard to quality management.

The second Quality Management Principle (QMP) of the ISO 9001 standard is Leadership. What does this mean? The document ‘ISO Quality Management Principles’ states the rationale behind this:

"Creation of unity of purpose and direction and engagement of people enable an organisation to align its strategies, policies, processes and resources to achieve its objectives."

The following video will give you an idea of what the responsibilities of top management are in relation to quality, and they mention 21 main points:

After watching the video above, click the link below and write down what you think are the 5 most important point.

The Role of Leadership in Quality Management

This first reading (link provided above) is a good overview of 11 tips to improve quality management leadership and management. What similarities exist between the video you watched and these 11 tips?

This video is a presentation by Joseph Juran, one of the quality management gurus discussed in Module 1. While the video is a little old, it discusses a number of factors, including how many managers lack knowledge on quality, which in turn affects employees:

After you have watched the video above, click on the link below and make some of your own notes on the key principles covered in the video.

The Characteristics of Quality Leadership

This second reading (pdf available on MyLO) is a detailed article on leadership in general, as well as leadership and quality. The interesting aspect of this article is that it provides a self-assessment questionnaire that leaders should ask themselves in terms of quality and leadership. This might be useful for some of you who are either in positions of leadership (in which case you should attempt the questions), or aspire to a position of leadership (in which case you can be prepared!). The article also discusses 10 characteristics of Servant Leadership, which all leaders should aspire to.

Actions Leaders Take for Quality Leadership

The document ‘ISO Quality Management Principles’ at Principle 2 (Leadership) highlights a range of actions that leaders can take to ensure quality leadership, which are listed in the following table. Against each of the actions, write some ideas of how you could contribute to that action in your role at work (or home, or study):


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