Sutton Hoo Sam

Yesterday, one of the most important finds of our time was found. An Anglo Saxon longboat was found under the biggest mound on the land of wealthy widow Edith Pretty.
The longboat, hidden beneath the soil, contained a bunch of treasure, including: armour, jewellery and weaponry. Basil Brown, the archaeologist hired by Mrs Pretty, commented "this is the most significant discovery ever made".
Without Edith, the Sutton Hoo story could have been very different. Not only was it her decision to enlist archaeologists to dig the mounds on her property in Suffolk, but when the treasure was found she decided to donate it to the British Museum so everyone could see it rather than just a private collector.
The Sutton Hoo find in 1939 of a decayed 7th century, 88ft longship with a burial chamber full of treasure was incredible. Found was the iconic Sutton Hoo helmet, exquisitely decorated. The treasures found clearly suggest that the person buried here was mightily important: maybe even a king.
" It's one of the most important archaeological discoveries of all time, certainly in British archaeology but I would argue in the world" says Sue Brunning who works nowadays at the British Museum in London.

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