My pregnancy journey Emily cosgrove

First trimester 1-12

I woke up today with excitement, My fiancé Dan and I are getting married In exactly 12 months today. But I'm feeling very worried because I missed my period last week.. Dan and I have talked about having kids but we are not ready to start a family yet because we are only starting the first chapter of our lives together. This morning I woke up very nauseous and not feeling 100%, so Dan went out and bought me some panadol and some McDonald's for breakfast, to make me feel better. I have planned a little holiday trip to the Bahamas, before my wedding with my 2 sisters Sienna and Sally. We are leaving tomorrow for an all girls weekend and we are all excited. When I got to the Bahamas I felt sick and vomitted. Sally told me it's probably the foods you ate and not to worry. When the girls went to the beach I decided sneak out and get a pregnancy test to be sure. YAY I'm pregnant I ran around the apartment with joy, then I stop and said "sun of a butternut squash", how am I going to tell dan that I'm pregnant and everyone at the wedding. Wait the wedding is in 12 moths and I will only be pregnant for 9 "phew and my new baby will be at our wedding. I got home and I organised a special dinner to tell dan I am pregnant, dan yelled out with excitement to the whole street, we are having a baby. We went to our GP who took some blood tests and I heard the baby's heart beat. He confirmed I'm 5 weeks pregnant now and my little munchkin is now the size of a sesame seed, it's little heart is beating and it's developing eyes, nose, fingers, toes, a mouth and tiny eye lops. My tummy feels different it is hard below my abdomen and my breasts are sore. I also am starting to crave Strawberries....I'm 9 weeks pregnant and I have booked an ultrasound at the doctors to find out more about this human being inside of me. By now the baby has grown from a sesame seed to a grape. Its heart has finished dividing into four chambers, its Little tooth buds are forming and the embryonic "tail" is completely gone and It's organs, muscles, and nerves are beginning to work on there own. The doctors said it's to early to tell sex but by 18 weeks we should be able to know. Dan wants a football player and I want a little dancer. I have organised a little afternoon tea for the family to announce that I'm pregnant as I am 12 weeks now. After we have eaten and had a little chat I give them a little gift, a ball that opens with a dummy inside with the date which is 14th of December. My mum screams with joy, my sisters runs over and hug me and everyone else congratulates us. I sit down and tell everyone by now the baby is looking more human. The baby is about five and a half centimetres and weighs 14 grams. The eyes which started out on the sides of the head, have moved closer together. The ears are almost in their normal position and the baby is producing urine. The baby opens and closes its hands and wriggles its toes. It is also kicking but i won't be about to feel it Till about 18 weeks.

12 weeks

Second trimester 13-27

lately I find that I cry more easily and I can get a little cranky at people easier, I can feel that my hormones are changing. Certain smells make me feel sick and I often have to sit outside while dan cooks his dinner to advoid the smell. Dan takes me to McDonald's as I crave a Big Mac meal when I never usually would eat this. I'm 14 weeks now and the baby is around 9 centimetres long and weighs 43 grams. Now the baby's growing faster than its head and has a thin layer of Lanugo on the skin. It will start growing hair and it can grasp, squint, frown and grimace and Is able to suck its thumb. I'm very worried and stressed As i haven't told my 3 bridesmaids Emerson, Georgia and Sienna yet that I'm pregnant. I'm scared and worried about what there going to think or say. So I have planned a breakfast tomorrow morning to announce to news. I wake up this morning not wanting to go, as all I do lately is stay home lay on the lounge watch tv, do yoga, exercise and relax, but I go anyway. I walk through the door, there are my friends there standing there with a basket of all the foods I crave, baby things, money to buy my Big Macs and a big bouquet of pink and white roses. I try to run over there and give them a big hug. I ask how do you know, my sister had told them. They are so happy for me, they are really excited because they are going to plan the baby shower as well. We sit down and order. I am trying to be healthy as possible as it's good for the baby's growth and development. I order a fruit salad with extra strawberries and grapes on the side with a cold water. On Monday I should be 16 weeks and the baby is 11.6 centimetres long and weighs 100 grams now, its the size of an avocado. The Legs are growing longer than the arms now, fingernails are fully formed and all the joints and limbs can move. It's breathing on its own and playing with the umbilical cord. I have noticed that my pants are getting Tighter around my waist, and it's time for me to invest on some good maternity clothing. When I wake up in the morning I feel better and better every day as the vomiting has stoped. I do a daily walk now to keep my body healthy and fit. I have joined a yoga class which relieves tension of lower back, hips, chest, upper back, neck, shoulders and to keep me clam and relaxed. People start to look at my belly and notice that I'm pregnant acpecally the women with kids. Good morning, I'm so thrilled Because today's the day dan and I find out the gender of my baby. We arrived around 1:30pm, the doctor put's the cold gel on my tummy, and I could hear its little heart beating. I could see it's little feet, hands, tummy and head. It was the most magical moment seeing my little baby inside of me. I had my fingers crossed hoping it was a girl and then doctor said "it's a boy." Dan bent down to my tummy and said I'm going to be the best dad you can ever have. The doctor said that your baby is almost 19 weeks now and he is about 14.2cm and weighs up to 190g. His ears are in their final position and his growing little earlops. myelin will slowly begin to wrap around the spinal cord and he can hear my heart beat and voice. In the next few weeks he told me that the baby will grow up to the size of a banana and will continue to grow. It will Reach 36.6 centimetres at the end of trimester 2. You'll reach half way in your pregnancy and start to feel him kicking. His brain begins to grow very quickly. his lips are distinct and the eyes are formed, he will be able to hear noise out of the womb, your heart and voice. You'll get streach marks on you belly, hips and breasts. His eyes will open and close. He will take small breaths and although he's only breathing in water and not air. Experts say that your little one starts to dream on the 27th week and on that week your belly reaches near your rib cage and you may now find yourself short of breath.

And I told him I loved him Third trimester 27-40 weeks

The final count down has started till you arrive, I am two thirds pregnant and I have not long to go. I am always tired everyday and night so i make sure that I have an afternoon nap and be in bed by 8:30. It is really uncomfortable to sleep now, and I can not sleep on my back any more. The baby is very active at night he moves around and kicks so I have to use a big boomerang pillow to prop up my belly and sleep comfortably. Dan and I have started to get the nursery ready for my little man, I have painted the walls, bought a cote, the change table and also a car set and pram. I have also revived baby accessories from my friends. It feels like I need to Pee all time as the baby sits on my bladder. My monthly visit to the doctor has gone down to fortnight visits. I can see that dan is being very delicate with me as I'm a emotional and tired. He does sweet things for me like cooking dinner and helping me when I need to get up and out of bed. He is very excited to be a dad and teach our one little footballer, we are both feeling nervous about becoming parents for the first time and Very excited. He loves to feel the baby move and see it kicking across my belly, dan also has a little nikname for the Bub "wriggler". My three bridesmaids have organised a little baby shower for me today and I am that legit over the moon, it makes me very happy that I have true friends that think of me and wriggler. I walk into the room and there are balloons everywhere, signs saying it's a boy, presents in the corner and a big blue cake in the middle of the room. Everyone congratulates me, feels my tummy and gives me presents. We talk all things about babies and play some fun little games. I feel very special and it makes me even more excited for the baby to arrive. Its 39 weeks the baby it fully developed. From 27 weeks it has tripled in size by the time it makes 39 weeks. The baby has white substance all over its skin to protect it from the fluid in womb. The babies organs have fully developed and he is getting ready to take his first breath out of womb. The Bones have harden and the babies liver processes waste products. He builds a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth and will turn upside down. I am at the end of my pregnancy now and I have my bag packed and ready to go. I have the last check up at the doctors as the baby can come any time now. I am planning to have a natural bith at the local private hospital and I am well and truly ready to have my little boy. I have a lot of fluid around my body, my face is very puffey, my rings don't fit my fingers anymore and my feet are fat and ugly. My baby has dropped in my tummy and his head is engaged. I get cramps and the occasional contraction each day. I am nesting and cleaning my house in preparation for baby. I popped out to go get a few last minute things and as I arrived in the driveway my waters broke. Dan was inside so I had to ring him on the phone, I yelled out that my water has Broken. He ran out, put his arm around me and helped me walked inside. I was so mad my new Range Rover was destroyed. But I was so happy to see my little Man in less then 24 hours. I rang my midwife and she told me to walk around the house because the gravity will push the baby down. You have to stay at home as long as possible until the contraction are 5 minutes apart. It felt like I walked around the house for ages. The contraction were 5 minutes apart so we got everything together, hopped in the car and off we went.

Labour and birth

The hospital was beautiful, it was a very lovely place to give birth to Justin Taylor Smith. Everyone was friendly, kind and very supportive toward Me and my husband. I would definitely go back there to give birth to many more kids. Ok so when I arrived the lady at the desk showed me to my room. The contractions were getting worse and worse as they got closer together, it felt like I was giving birth to a whale or a tone of bricks. Dan was very helpful he did not leave my side at all during the birth. He would help me up and down, keep calm, and breath. The contractions were only minutes apart and the midwife had to go check down there. She said my vergina had dialated 10 centimetres and it was time for me to push. "PUSHHHH" "PUSHHH" "PUSHHH". This was so painful I couldn't do it anymore, dan told me that "you can and this it is all worth it". I was in labour for about 5 hours now, pushing and pushing until they told me "I can see his head". I was so exhausted, so tired and i felt like I wanted to punch someone. Dan said " you can do it darl". I pushed and pushed and pushed, his whole head finally came out and dan told me he was a handsome little thing. The midwife said a few more pushes and your almost there. I found the head and shoulders were reall hard and painful but the rest of the body just slipped out like soap bar. They put my baby on my chest, it was a feeling you could not describe. I said you look like a Justin, and dan said you like a Justin Taylor smith. It was the most magical moment of my life and I won't forget how relieved I was after the birth. I said welcome to the world Justin Taylor smith. The doctors toke Justin off for some testing and cleaned him off. I stayed at the hospital over night and Everything was ok with me and the baby so we left the next day, ready to show Justin his home and family. Dan was right It was definitely worth it bringing my little precious Justin into the world.

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