The Bark August 2018 - Issue 17

Issue Number 17 it's a BIG one!! Lots of wonderful things happening in and around Candlebark.

And here is my contribution to this issue, some wise words I read today, from the incomparable, extremely quick witted and funny, Groucho Marx (showing my age quoting him) - "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read".

If you have anything you would like to contribute to future issues of The Bark please feel free to email me; janeduggan26@yahoo.com.au

Jane Cahill - Editor In Chief


  • Term Dates
  • What's Happening At Candlebark
  • Cross Country Results
  • Candlebark Spring Soiree
  • Game of Shows
  • Bendigo Writers Festival
  • Celebration Day Workshop for Girls
  • Kitchen Garden
  • CDSSA Athletics
  • Alice Miller Colour Run (@ Candlebark)
  • 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge
  • Visions from the 40 Hour Backpack Challenge
  • Tournament of the Minds Update
  • Grade 1 Science Class
  • Bric-a-Brac donations
  • Dyslexia Information Evening
  • Candlebark Fete - Save the Date
  • Community Notices

Term Dates

  • Term 3: 16 July to 20 September
  • Term 4: 9 October to 13 December

What's Happening at Candlebark

  • August 31 – Prep Fathers’ day
  • August 31 – ‘The Bottle Collector’ performance at Candlebark
  • September 4 – ‘Down the Hill’ group to Bodyworlds exhibition
  • September 6 – Game of Shows sleepover
  • September 11 to 14 – Grade 3s to Grampians National Park.
  • September 17 & 18 – Game of Shows production – 6 pm Alice Miller Gym

cross country results 2018

Our students jump over logs, cross creeks, and tackle hills that make your lungs and legs want to spontaneously combust, to beat their personal bests each week. The results would be even more impressive if the divisional, regional and state races were run on similar terrain. That being said, congratulations to those who progressed to the divisional stage and beyond, and to those who strive to improve their personal best time every Wednesday!

Candlebark students have shown they can compete with the state’s top runners in achieving the school’s best ever cross-country results this year.

The results for the cross country season are as follows:
  • Divisional qualification: Reuben, Aidan, Bryn, Walter, Henry Bourke, Clementine, Anthony
  • Regional qualification: Aidan, Henry Bourke, Bryn, Walter, Anthony
  • State qualification: Aidan, Henry Bourke
School Sport Victoria State Cross Country Championships

Candlebark Spring Soiree

Thursday the 25th of October @ 6.30pm (Term 4)

Please note that unlike the Winter Soirée not all of the students will be involved in this soirée; this evening will feature solo performances by the students who learn an instrument and performances by the elective musical groups at Candlebark (Choir, Chamber Ensemble, Ska Band & Soul Band).

Game of Shows

Don't miss the world premiere of "Game of Shows", the wacky new musical performed by the senior grades of Candlebark.
Come to one or both nights

* All children coming as audience members need to bring a cushion, as they will be seated at the front, on the floor. Do not book seats for children.

*Please book for only one night, not both, as capacity is limited.

- Donna Prince

bendigo writers festival

celebration day workshop for girls

Two years ago, a person named Rachel Pilgrim was approached by a couple of Candlebark parents to run what Rachel calls a "celebration day for girls", for any Grade 5/6 girls and their mothers who wished to participate.

Rachel has approached me, in hopes of offering this program again.

She has written the following:

What are the Benefits of this program for girls who attend?

In a recent study of qualitative research on the menstrual cycle and menopause, the results of which will be released publicly later this year; Of the 3,500 women surveyed (internationally - of all ages), 35% of them had no idea what was happening when their period started for the first time.

School aged girls often don't feel safe talking about their periods to other girls, and can feel shame, be bullied or teased when they have their periods, the knock on affects this can have on body image, confidence, school attendance and attention in class can be significant. (There is mounting international evidence on these links)

The good news is though..... extensive research shows that for young girls who experience menarche (first period) well prepared, with a positive introduction and emotional support, the result is higher self-esteem, fewer negative cycle related symptoms, favorable overall menstrual perception and easier subsequent births!

The program is delivered in two sessions; a Mother's session (approximately 7-9pm on an evening prior to the Day) and the Celebration Day (10am-4pm, preferably at weekends).


I should mention two reservations: firstly, I don't know Rachel, but feedback I heard from the program held two years ago was very positive. Secondly, I'm not myself a believer in having strangers (strangers to the young people, that is) instructing them in matters that were traditionally the province of 'elders' and/or extended family members. But, equally, it can be argued that in our society these matters are too often neglected, and it may take someone new to come in and make such learning happen. There is however no evidence in Rachel’s statement above that instruction and preparation for the menarche is best delivered by someone not known to the girls.

- John

Kitchen garden

Look what's happening in the Kitchen Garden ... Stephanie Alexander would be proud of the beautiful harvest and talented chefs at Candlebark.

What a beautiful harvest! Photo Credit - Steve Pollet
- Steve Pollet

CDSSA Athletics carnival

What a day! It’s hard to describe the joy in watching the Candlebark team compete in Bendigo today. Suffice to say that there are few things more inspirational than watching a team be greater than the sum of its parts, and that was certainly the case in Bendigo. Yes, it may be a little sad, living life vicariously through a bunch of schoolkids...... but it didn’t feel sad to us at all!

On a balmy 7° day in Bendigo, the Candlebarkians warmed up by cheering each other on excitedly, which brought out the best in each Candlebark entrant. The unity was palpable, and the results flowed. My favourite moment of the day was watching Audrey Taylor holding great running form, as she powered around the bend in one of the final events, the nine-year-old girls 4 x 100 m relay. Audrey gave it her all, to some of the loudest cheers of the day.

From the first event, which was the 100 m, it was clear Candlebark had come to run, with three firsts, three seconds, and a third, across the age groups in our division. The 200 m was almost as successful with two firsts and two seconds and every entrant getting a ribbon! The 800 (one of the toughest races on the program) was very competitive, and we still managed a first and third with all entrants putting in rock solid runs. In the final series of races for the day, the 1500, another first and two second place ribbons were pocketed. Again, all runners bravely did the team proud.

While it could be thought that Candlebark’s lack of training facilities and focus on winning Victorian titles in both chess and tournament of the minds competitions may have impeded their progress in the field events, this did not prove to be the case! Cam and Andy’s intensive training programs obviously reaped rewards. The high jump competition yielded two firsts; the long jump, a first and a second; and the shot put, a first and a third. Only in the discus and triple jump competition did ribbons prove to be elusive... perhaps not many at Candlebark understand the subtleties of those events.

By the time all of Fiona's choc oat wonder slice had been devoured, Candlebark had amassed 12 firsts, 10 seconds, and 8 thirds. It was a stunning performance, and one of the best by the school in its 13 years. We were incredibly proud of everyone’s efforts and team spirit! Congratulations to every single team member. We are looking forward to getting information on who is invited to compete at the regional championships soon. As there were often 2 divisions, times may be considered in selection, so the regional team is yet to be announced.

A list of all ribbon winners (1st to 4th), can be found below.

100m: First in our division of their age groups were: Basile Lazaro, Will Astuto and Kate Turnbull. Second: Reuben Cahill, Sarah Cottingham Walter King and a great third was Tabitha Daly.

200m: First: Will Astuto and Bryn Sawyer Second: Oscar Finn and Rachel Young and Fourth: Amelie Bunder, Nash Matthews-Prentice and Charlize Davis.

800m: First: Aidan Ford Third: Anthony Grobbler and Fourth: Bryn Sawyer.

1500m: First: Henry Bourke Second: Aidan Ford and Anthony Grobbler.

High Jump: First: Reuben Cahill and Maisy Hayter.

Long Jump: First: Oscar Finn Second: Walter King and Liam Wallace Fourth

Triple Jump: Fourth: Elliot Foster

Shot Put: First: Kate Turnbull Third: Darcy Patterson and Fourth: Ned Armstrong.

4x100m Relay:

9 Boys: Third: Nash Matthews-Prentice, Arlow Coone, Basile Lazaro, Lachie Rodgers.

10 Girls: Third: Tabitha Daly, Amelie Bunder, Maddie Halliax

10 Boys: Second: Will Astuto, Red Brazil, Liam Wallace, Anthony Grobbler

11 Girls: Second: Kate Turnbull, Clementine Coone, Maisy Hayter, Alice Moffat

11 Boys: Third: Walter King, Bryn Sawyer, Henry Bourke, Ned Armstrong.

12/13 Boys: First: Oscar Finn, Aidan Ford, Elliot Foster and Reuben Cahill.

Finally, a quick plug for the Bendigo, VIC health fun run on Sunday the 4th of November this year. Proceeds go to charity (which seems all too rare in the world of fun-running), and distances are 5, 10 or 15 km. Candlebark had quite a few families running last year, with kids as young as six successfully completing the 5km course. Whether you walk or run as a family or individually, it is a wonderful way to kick off spring in a healthy way, with the support of others from our community. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the camaraderie of running!

Congratulations and regards to you all,

Candlebark’s coaches

alice Miller Colour Run

Annual Year 9 Trip Fundraiser

Now, this is what you call a fun run! Jog, skip, walk, dance, cartwheel,..or even run (..but it's not a race) around the 2km Candlebark cross-country track through bursts of colour clouds. And for those up for maximum colour and fun....you can do it twice!

  • Sunday 9 September 2018 at 9:00am
  • Candlebark School - 83 Kerrie Road, Romsey

The World Vision 40 Hour Backpack Challenge 2018.

Greetings Candlebark Families,

Last week a group of 34 Grade 5/6 students completed the 40 Hour Backpack Challenge, arriving back at school in time to participate in the fancy dress parade for C.B.C.A. Book Week! We think this was a pretty outstanding achievement by this group of students, who received wonderful support from the school community.

The group lived out of their backpacks for two nights, without tents to keep them warm and with the added restriction of a $3 per person food budget. For some, the size of their backpack was the biggest challenge! Others faced a road block and two armed soldiers on their way to their first campsite. There was limited black plastic for shelter construction, but small groups of students made excellent use of natural and salvaged materials found in the bush. There was no shortage of food and there was plenty of time to bake mountains of fresh bread and oversized crepes in Steve's enormous pan. And the weather was near perfect!

The 40 Hour Backpack Challenge is a fundraising event for World Vision. This year we managed to raise a little over $5700 to support the important work that World Vision do with displaced people around the world. We would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who donated money and sent messages of support. We appreciate your generosity and we are pleased that we have been able to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Thanks again for your support.

From the Candlebark Backpack Challenge Team.

Visions from the 40 hour backpack challenge

tournament of the minds update

At the beginning of term 3, two teams of 7 students from grades 4-6, took on the task of working together to produce a creative, original, intelligent solution to an open ended challenge - without any outside assistance in forming their solution. Teams from around Australia and overseas were all given the same challenges and a time limit of 6 weeks. They would then have to showcase their response in a 9 minute play at Regional Finals.

Our team called 'The Winners', (name chosen so that they would see the name 'Winners' on their certificates whether they won or not - very funny!), chose the Language Literature challenge which involved creating a ‘Pitch’ to make a specific book into a movie. ‘Winners’ team members are Rook, Kate, Aidan, Ned, Red, Penny, and Kai.

Our team called Liberté chose The Arts challenge, which was to create a Musical based on the theme of Freedom (and with extra conditions within the challenge). Team members are Ebony, Ellie, Maisy, Lucas, Elliot, Acer and Ava.

On August 18th both teams presented these challenges at La Trobe University, Bendigo. They wowed their audience and their parents, with their energy, positive attitudes, teamwork and cleverness. We were incredibly delighted, but not surprised, when both teams won their division. They are both now in the Victorian Finals.

The Victorian State Final takes place at La Trobe University in Melbourne on Sunday, September 9th. They will be given a brand-new challenge on the day, have 3 hours to prepare a solution with no assistance whatsoever, and then will perform their solution in a lecture theatre later that day. How daunting a task is that?! They will also be given an unseen ‘Spontaneous Challenge’ where their responses are judged on their immediate creativity, originality and team work.

Wish them luck! They have been wonderful teams and have achieved fabulous results already.

Wendy Wright

Grade 1 Science class

The Grade 1s are exploring simple machines in Science this term. Here they are experimenting with pulleys. Who knew science could be so much fun?!

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” ― Dr. Seuss

Seems like there was a lot of action, discussion, and thought provoking experimenting going on when the Grade 1s turned their minds to the workings of the lever.

The full force of science ... motion and emotion.

bric-a-brac donations

This term, the grade 4s have been earning REAL fake €uros in the French classroom. I am planning to do an auction at the end of the term where the students will be able to splurge their cash. I am willing to sell them objects rather than sweets. My idea would be to sell a selection of pencils, school accessories, books, old toys and the odd bric-à-brac. So I am calling for donations! Do you have a box of stuff waiting to end up at the op shop?

Donations can be dropped in the French classroom until the 14th of September.

Merci d'avance!

- Steve Pollet

Dyslexia Information Evening

Hi everyone,

A dyslexia information session is coming up, on September 6, with Jemima and Peter Hutton. Peter was briefly Principal of Macedon Grammar and then became Principal of Templestowe Secondary College.

If you didn't attend last time, you may wish to join this session. It's suitable for parents of students in Grade 5 and above.

Cheers, John

Candlebark fete - save the date

The time for unbridled jubilation is approaching, with the annual Candlebark fête not so far away.

This event is different to other school fêtes because the students do everything: the planning, the preparation on the day, the management of the stall or activity, and eating many of the leftovers afterwards. Of course sometimes parents are needed to lend a hand with planning and preparation – for example, if certain items need to be bought beforehand – but parents must do as little as possible, and on the day should hardly go near their child or children. To be honest, every year we do have a few parents who find this virtually impossible, and it's a shame to watch them hanging around their offspring and inhibiting their children from showing their initiative and ability to self-manage.

However, after that sober note, I'm delighted to announce this year's date: October 31, starting at 1 PM and finishing at 3 PM. Observant parents will notice that this is the date of Halloween, which may influence some of the stalls and activities kids choose to offer. It is traditional that we change the advertised date at least once before the event takes place, but last year we broke with tradition by sticking to the date originally announced, which threw the plans of many people into chaos :-) Who knows what will happen this year?!

All money raised at the fete goes to a charity, usually selected by the students. For many years now, about half the money raised has been sent to Food Water Shelter in Tanzania, a highly reputable small Australian charity that helps disadvantaged people and involves itself in, amongst other things, the clearing of landmines. Of last year's proceeds, the other half went to Oxfam, for African famine relief.

Community Notices

Wanted to Buy

If anyone has a working Rowing machine that they would like to sell please contact Wendy Powell - wpowell@candlebark.vic.edu.au

Market Garden - Acreage wanted

We are looking for a house on at least 2 acres in the Kyneton, Woodend or Castlemaine areas for a minimum 2 year lease. Use will include the construction of a market garden and some water use will be required. Please phone Vincent Mckenzie (Candlebark parent) 0455998006.


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