Joseph dean photos Showing Your true beauty

The Goal

Knowing what you want is the first step in getting what you want

Letting you photographer know what your goals are will help in making sure you both understand and reach the goals. So be upfront with your expectations the photographer will give his or her expectations in return so everyone is on the same page. Remember no one likes a guessing game. And that will give you more time actually taking photos.

Find photos that you like and that show what you want your photos to look like. something that shows your personality or the look and feel you want out of your photos.

The shoot

So now you know what you want. It's time to set up the shoot. Find a day that you can dedicate only to the photo shoot. Get plenty of sleep the night before. Get your hair and makeup done. Show up early. Be professional, positive and willing to give it everything you've got. 

Give it a try!

Let you imagination run wild. This will help you get the best photos possible. Photographers know some tricks that may seem odd to you but remember they know what works and what doesn't. And sometimes you just have to go for it and see what happens. You may be surprised how that one photo turns out to be your favorite.


Joseph dean photos

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