My Poems By Allen li


Trust, I see you everywhere

I see you in love of people. I see you in friendship of my friends.

I see you in the people of my school

Trust, I hear you everywhere

From sunrise to sunset

From this continent to the next

Trust, You hurt so much when broken.

Trust, you are the reason society holds together.

Trust, it is something that people earn gradually

It is not something someone will give you the moment

they meet you. You are something i want everyone to have, but

When it is broken it is hard to earn back.



They are judged in many ways,

They are disliked because they way the dress

Or talk, and they are loved because the way they act and look

People are taught to act certain ways to be accepted in society.

If they are not liked they feel insecure in bad, but when they are

Liked they feel like they're on top of the world.People all want to fit in with the world

Some will do anything to make sure people like them

Some people tell jokes, others times people are the joke

Other people gain popularity by money and fame, others sit at the bottom of the totem poll

Waiting to get picked up

Lots of people are judged in lots of ways

And these are just a few.


Picture poem

Pictures are like a story

You can see so many things and learn so much

Pictures shows who someone was, and who they will be

Your face so young, but now much older

Pictures are special

They hold a memories for you

They show good times and bad times

You look at them when you are bored and look at them when you are excited

You can see alot of things from pictures

In this picture you can see him when he was a baby

Photos are nice and some are valuable

But ones like these

Are the best to have.

With memories of friends and family

That you can cherish forever


Political poem

Lots of people get in a fuss about politics

I mean it is a big topic where everyone has different opinions

Some people have very different opinions from there friends

And that can lead to bad or good things

Politics make people love and hate each other

Lots of people have different opinions about our

New President, some people like the new President and some don’t.

People are afraid of what the new President wants to do

Other people are happy for what he is doing

Either way we still all live in the same country

And we will all still stand together in times of need

Hated or loved he is still our president

People can choose to deny or follow it

Either way we still all live in the same United states of America


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