Zealous Interactive 公司简介

Zealous Interactive is a development studio dedicated to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality development. We have gathered the best skills and talents in every and each related department into one place. All working as a unified team in order to produce the highest quality AR/VR apps, games and Marketing and Web Projects.

We have gathered the best talents in the business

Game Programmers, Native Developers, Modellers, Animators, Riggers, Level Editors, Graphics Designers, Concept Designers, Illustrators, Administrators, Web developer, Content Creators.

Our Products

Aria's Adventures

Using augmented reality, this educational game brings 100 animals to life. Use 3D interactive flash cards or color a 3D picture, listen to a distinctive roar, and even pose for a selfie with a tiger!

Sea World

Sea World Augmented Reality Adventure

An adventure deep under the sea in AR, VR and Mixed Reality. A group of cards for interactive educational sea creatures plus another group of cards for fish coloring. Custom build your aquarium with fish of your own pattern imagination and creation.

  • 24 cards with a choice of hand illustrated or computer rendered cards.
  • Multi-language including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic and custom language implementation support.
  • State of the Art models and visuals.
  • Big fish eat small fish arcade game in augmented reality.
  • AR aquarium with save and share functions.

Play Mats

Kids mats with AR interactivity. Forming the new toys of the futures happens by scanning one of themed mats. Pirates, Space, Animals, Sea World and lots more. All art work converts into AR 3D models with dazzling animations and sound effects.

Animal World With Elfie

The game consists of a set of unique animal cards which you can explore in Virtual/Augmented and Mixed reality by viewing the card either on mobile phone or through the Virtual Reality glasses which are included in the package. You will see each animal animated and in 3D. as you rotate and tilt each card you will see if from different angles.

Animal World With Jessica


AR Spinner: Dinosaurs

Our Technologies

Augmented Reality

We bring Augmented Reality techniques to your project. From image markers, binary markers, color tracking, shape tracking, human tracking and physical toys; whatever needs tracking, will be tracked.

We have mastered AR engines and extended its abilities to our needs. We have implemented advanced algorithm to enhance the tracking abilities and rely on device sensors to further improve transformation detection.

Mixed Reality

We developed the ability to combine both Google Cardboard SDK and Vuforia AR engine. The result is a unique user experience. With our mixed reality technology, consumers can get the best of both world; tracking image markers while mounting Google Cardboards. This provides the user with seamless AR experience and device Ubiquitously.

Live Camera Projection

Applying run-time texture projection on 3D models opened the door for many applications such as live kids colouring apps with characters self-awareness. Meaning, the 3D model understands what part of his body is being coloured.

Virtual Reality

Creating VR contents requires precision of movement design to engage the user into believable experience. We develop for Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard and HTC Vive .


Modelling, Rigging and Animation

Unity Asset Store

Zealous Interactive is a major assets creator existing in the most trusted development assets store, The Unity Asset Store. We provide Indy developers some of the most desired assets within the store.

Visit Zealous Interactive Shop in the Unity Asset Store


More Products!

Lara’s Adventures

Lara's Adventures

Airplanes Evolution

Contact Information

Amro Awad

Co-Founder and Technical Director

Phone: +201013854019

Email: amro@ZealousInteractive.com

Alon Rozental

Co-Founder and Sales Manager

Phone: +1(210)8464469

Email : alonrozental3@gmail.com


VP Sales

Phone: +86 18922257067 (Wechat / WhatsApp)

E-mail: sales2@Docuscience.net