Today, we made Mexican foods,in which we made a burrito for today.

Mexico is a country south to the United States in which is known for being the most populous Spanish speaking country.

Mexican Food is not Tex-Mex cuisine.Mexican food have staple ingredients like corn and chili pepper and native ingredients like tomatoes and avocados.Veggies also provide a vital role in Mexican cuisine.

Final Burrito
Here shows the cheese and the fold.

I tested the burritos and it tasted very spicy(I don't eat spicy and that's why I added a lots of cheese and tomato paste)However,it did have a very unique taste wit the extra cheese and tomatoes!!!A good start,sure can do even better next time.

Next week,we are cooking Vietnamese food.It was then I found out the Vietnam emblem looked like the Chinese emblem.They had been through a lot of wars including the civil war and the war with China.It also had been part of Imperial China and it was occupied by France.

Vietnamese Wrap

They tasted terrible, probably because i wasn't used to it. It was somehow raw and tasteless.

Japanese Sushi is the food we were making this week.It consists of the meat,vegtables,seaweed and rice.You had to first cut the vegatables into very small pieces and cook the rice and prepare the meat (can be canned meat).Basically you spread the ingredients evenly over the seaweed which is put over a flexible bamboo (roller?),add sauce and roll the sushi into a cylinder.

Japan Is a country close to China and Korea which is also part of Asia.They also have been in numerous conflicts,mostly in China.Did you know Japan once wanted to take over the world?They said to take over China,then take over the world.They have also almost beaten China while during the battle,they raped and killed our ancestors and calling us Chi Na.

Greece is located in Southern Europe, which was a great country in the past, having a large empire. It is currently in debt and poor although it is part of the EU. A small part of the flag looks like a Chinese word.

This week we made flatbread(bread with no yeast) and it tasted like bread.It is Bread!

Bread that is flat
Flatbread roll

HOT POCKETS!!! Chinese/Indian

India is one of the oldest countries and is actually a continent itself. It crashed into Asia 80 million years ago, creating Himalayas. India also invented curry (not Steph) in which is wonton curry. Wonton was invented in China.

China is also an independent country



Use Nissin Instant Noddles

Steep the noodles in hot water for 3 minutes.

Drain the water.

Take a frying pan, and add some oil, open medium fire.

Add some cheese on the bottom and some on top of the pan, add some bacon and the noodles. Mix them up.

Don't overcook.

Wrap the mixture with burrito wrap.

Put in the oven and do the final burrito steps(steps after taking the wrap out of the oven)

Add a bit of cheese

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