Journey Log 5 By: Tyler kendrick

During this week of class we had to do an assignment on at least 6 articles that we are going to use in our research paper. This was kind of overwhelming at first because I do not like the articles that I have found thus far. So I decided to find more and I tried to use the ones that I liked. However, I was also very sick that week with the flu, so most of my assignments were "half-ass" so I could just get something turned in without receiving a zero.

My first sources that I will be sighting is "How to Write an A+ Research Paper". This article is about how to write a good research paper and it uses engagement to find what you need to put in the research paper to make sure that you get your points across. In this article, I specifically liked the checklists that were given at the end. This shows that there is things that I need to make sure that I include in my paper.

The second source that I found to relate to class, was "Where to Find Credible Sources for your Research Paper." This shows that you need to find credible sources instead of things like "Yahoo answers". This relates to persistence because you cannot give up when you are trying to find your research.


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