Colorado By: Briana Sharpless 2017


Today I am doing a state report, here's the facts I found.

Today I did a state report on Colorado.

A picture of Colorado

Colorado's nickname is the Centennial State.

A map of Colorado

Colorado's state capital is Denver

A picture of Denver

Colorado became a state August 1,1876

Colorado's State bird is the Lark Bunting

Colorado's State Bird Lark Bunting

Colorado's official state flower is the Rocky Mountain Columbine

Colorado's State Flower Rocky Mountain Columbine

Colorado's State Insect is the Hairstreak Butterfly

Colorado's State Insect The Hairstreak Butterfly

Here are 2 fun facts about Colorado: Colorado is the tallest state.

Colorado has the strangest weather. So basically one day it would be a hot sunny day and the next day it would rain sleet and hail.

Colorado makes there money by Aerospace and Defense.

Aerospace and Defense

A key site you should visit at Colorado is Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky National Park
Colorado Flag

That is my state Report!


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