Native American By : shevannah

Claim: I do not think teams and schools should not be allowed to use Native Americans as there Mascags!!

I think they shouldn't because the Native Americans might not want to be mascats. The oneida Indian Native does not like the watshinton Redskins teams nicknames. It saysthe teams "Redskins" is a terrible insult. This quote supports my claim because the oneida indian Native does not like the Washington redskins team nicknames. Therefore this proves that the native Americans should not be mascats.

I think because Native Americans are not animals and most of the mascats are animals. Many Native Americans groups lawmakers, and fans are pressuring the NFL teams to change its names and mascats. They say it's offensive, even racist. Thissupports my claim because it is offensive being called animals.Therefore this proves that the Native Americans are offended by being called animals.

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