Sportsman's online gateway to private land. Landowner's solution to public access. (Scroll down and click on a hot spot button to search listings.)

You know it's out there. It's not on public ground. It's moved to private property and you need to find a way to lawfully trespass. You've finally arrived at the online gateway to some of the best private hunting ground on the planet.

All of the best publicly accessible fishing holes are swarming with people. You've just discovered how to access a private hole where the biggest fish go to feed.

Noise, exhaust, and light pollution have nearly put you off spending time in public outdoors. Access undeveloped, private ground along wildlife migration paths and experience nature in its protected, wild setting.

You love to ride, whether it be hiking or riding horses, mountain bikes, motorcycles, ATV's/UTV's, or snow machines. Not all public lands allow your category of riding, or where it is allowed, it is too far away. You need a place to go. Accessible private ground opens new terrain, vistas, and habitat for you to explore.


Created with images by Scott - "Wooden post barbed wire fence surrounding a field at sunset." • SunnyS - "Elk in Winter" • goodluz - "Man and woman fly fishing in river" • ittipol - "close up of camera with woman tourist on the background of waterfall" • barbiturat - "Young woman riding a horse on the green field"

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