Agnes Cecilia Alvarez Madriaga January 6, 1962 - march 24, 2017

This was painted by my friend Agnes. It is proudly displayed in her home in Union City, California by the dining table. The home she shared with Eric, her loving husband of 25 years and Erin, her beautiful 23 year old daughter.

I met Agnes in college and we became roommates together with her sister and my sister. The Alvarez and Totengco sisters were a force to be reckoned with, so I was told. My sister and I were Agnes' bridesmaids twice.

Agnes was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 18. She defied all odds and fought her disease valiantly and courageously with the love and support of her family. She lived a full and loving life and at the age of 55, her body bid us all farewell.

This is for all our friends who wanted to be there this weekend but couldn't.

"Hindi Kita Malilimutan"

The Knights of Columbus honor AGNES.
Eric and Agnes's firstborn has a marker in St. Anne.
Following the mass, a reception was hosted by the Knights of Columbus.

Eric wanted to show us where Agnes' remains will be laid to rest. We met at their house and stopped for breakfast along the way. It was a beautiful day, clear and sunny, blue skies just like the Warriors colors. I didn't get the memo.

Happy 60th Birthday ERIC!

Agnes was looking forward to celebrating Eric's 60th and so despite the unfortunate timing, the celebration continued because this is what she would have wanted. It was an intimate family celebration and I am so grateful to have witnessed the outpouring of love and laughter that the Madriaga family exudes.

The Madriagas are all WARRIORS!

Siblings with Mom
Wacky Sibs
The Alvarez Family

These are Agnes' Ugli, Lemon & Lime trees growing in her backyard. They are lush and overflowing, much like the legacy and memory she has left behind.

Ugli, Lemon & Lime

Angelique and I left San Francisco today. Eric drive us to the airport and we had breakfast together. It gave us more time to talk about Agnes. I suspect we'll keep on doing so in years to come.

Breakfast at the Millbrae Pancake House

I love you Tita Vi.


Tesa Totengco

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