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Lesson 10: Parameters and Results

“Deference. The navigation and user interface should not detract from the content of your app itself. They should be there when users need them, ​but should be unobtrusive. ”

“Clarity. Text should be legible, no matter what size it is, and the overall​ look should be simple, not cluttered with unnecessary details.”

“Depth. Use motion and visual layers to clearly show the relationships between different elements on the screen. When new elements come onscreen, they can “stack” on top of each other, so when you close a view, you see the one beneath it.”

We don't want people to feel overwhelmed by a lot of text or context, so we think it will be nice to have an intro to the app that clearly but briefly explains the way it works and then you can do whatever you want. Having special characters for the different buttons and their uses and always having a help button for any problem or doubt you may have. We want to keep this app simple because we want everyone to download it and actually know how to use it without difficulties.

Lesson 11: Making Decisions

For me, the most appealing icon in an app is the one of Snapchat, the ghost with the yellow font. Any chatting app gets you right into the action, cause all you gotta do is literally just start talking with someone.

Building Flappy Bike
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