BEHOLD! Hearing God.


What does this word really means? Why is it keep on repeating in my head? What is He try to telling me?

This morning I woke up feeling pretty much the same. I thought I’ll be doing my usual routine, read my bible, sing a couple of worship songs and then go to the campus. But while I was reading in the book of Romans the word “behold” hit me and it’s not that I came across the word “behold” while I was reading but it’s was if someone whispered the word in my ear and the effect of hearing it went straight to my heart. But I didn’t really bothered to understand nor listen to what’s happening around me at that time.

While I was in the campus I decided to find a couple of hotspots (place where students usually hangout) where I could pray for the students and the campus itself and while I was praying together with one of our student leader the word “behold” hit me again. And I felt the same feeling the first time I heard it this morning. And when this happens (when I’m hearing a certain word that is being repeated) it means that the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me something, but yet I didn’t understand what it means and I didn’t ask God about it.

The word behold was mentioned 114 times in Genesis alone. (I counted it, not quite sure if I counted it right thou haha!)

The Hebrew word for behold is chazah and it means to fix your eyes upon; see; look; to give one's undivided attention. But I like to put it this way; to fix your eyes and mind with undivided attention upon something (object).

So, was my heart not set to listen to what God was saying?

Maybe, Yes! That morning I received an alarming news. Last night two students was brutally attacked in an internet cafe in front of one of the campuses that we are trying to reach.

As soon as I read and heard the news, I took time to pray and intercede. Then, I went on with my schedules. Later this afternoon when I was in our student center I just couldn’t shake it off, the word keeps on lingering at the background and then I finally got it! This was what God was telling me. This was what he meant when he said BEHOLD!

God was asking me us to listen… hear… see… and understand. I was supposed to have attention, to look at what's currently happening. And sometimes we forget to pay attention on what God is telling us. Where too focused on our own plans, agendas, activities, schedules, meetings that we forget to fix your eyes and our mind with undivided attention to what God is telling us!

For us reading our bible, praying, singing praises and doing our devotion for God is enough. Spiritual Disciples by Victory Leadership Podcast helped me have a good grip on understanding this.

We’re hearing him but we’re not really listening to what he says. We're reading the His word but we're not really ruminating it. We neglect to process what His word means.

I like what Rodner Francis said,

“Behold” is a responsible word. It is a call to keep our eyes open, to make sure we are seeing and hearing clearly and accurately, so we can make decisions that will glorify God.”

God was telling me, this is the current issue, this is what I need you to see and to understand, nikki. And oh… it hit me hard!

My reflection? We are called to love God, have compassion for the lost and to preach the gospel. And by preaching the gospel we need to ruminate His word and hear Him.

Joshua 1:8, This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

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