Pocahontas Rhonda P.

Have you ever danced around a fire? Pocahontas always did it. She would make noises and dance. Do you know anything about her?

Pocahontas was born in Werowocomoco Virginia, around 1595. She is the daughter of chief Powhatan. She was with her mom for zero years. Her mom died when she was born. She has six siblings. She is called Pocahontas but her real name is Matoaka. Matoaka means “Bright stream between the hills”. She was her father's favorite child.

She never had an education!

Pocahontas kept peace between them and the English. She also kept the English from starving for a while. She also saved John Smith from dying. She was captured and married to John Rolfe. She helped with Tobacco farming. Her son Thomas Rolfe was born January 30,1615. He died in 1680,Kippax Plantation, Hopewell. Pocahontas died on her way back from England. She died at United Kingdom,Gravesend on March,1617. She died of Smallpox at the age of 22.

Pocahontas did many kind things. To me she was a willing to try anything person.I still honor her today. She was honored in England, Jamestown Virginia, and more.

At Jamestown, there's a statue of her in celebration of her life.


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