Swan Ball Kick Off Florals


I've come up with two separate options for this.

Option 1

One super long (4 foot) glass pane vase filled with white pillar candles at varying heights. This would be the inexpensive option at $189 per ledge.

Option 2

With this option we would create a dense anemone and white spray rose arrangement in a shorter (2 foot) glass pane planter in the center of the ledge with a set of pillar candles on either ends of the ledge. While this option would be lovely I do worry the flowers would get a bit lost. This option would be $290 per ledge. Personally, I think option 1 would be beautiful and serve the purpose well.


The centerpieces will be dense white arrangements prominently featuring white anemones with black centers. $175 - $225 per table.


$45 each
  • 8 Highboys: $45 each
  • Bar: $150
  • 2 Centerpieces: $175 - $225 each
  • 2 Ledges: $189 - $290 each
  • Extra arrangement: $150

High end total: $1,690

Low end total: $1,388

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