Aboard Mermaid Monster

Hi! We live on a boat! I am Capt. Brooke Palmer and will be the human speaking for our family. I am a professional photographer featured by National Geographic, a licensed boat Captain and certified ACS naturalist. My Norwegian husband, Braden, is a hard working business owner, prankster and a big kid at heart. Rooney is our 6 year old daughter. Penn is our 4 year old son. We have two dogs, Fraiser and Captain.

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WHEN: In July of 2018 we sold everything, put renters into our Newport Beach, CA home and moved across America to Southport, NC onto our new floating home; “Mermaid Monster”. We have cruised 2,000 nautical miles, covering the entire US east coast. We have plans to cross the Atlantic in May, with stops to Bermuda, the Azores, and over to Europe, where we will continue to circumnavigate the globe.

WHY: Roam. All species must do it. It is instinctual, important and vital for progression. We humans are curious. We want to see what others have seen. We want to find what others have not seen before. Exploration instills hope and empowers emotional uplift. The ocean offers that in the most beautiful way. Unlike land, it is not solid nor consistent. The ocean moves. It breaths. It changes. It is different and difference brings on curiosity. Curiosity stirs the desire to roam. Roaming leads us to knowing. We wanted to roam, and we wanted to know, and from that we made the decision to live “Aboard Mermaid Monster”.


With a rapidly growing audience, our YOUTUBE statistics have proven to us that we have a demographic audience with purchase power (male/female ages 35-65). We would love to use your products, take lifestyle video and pictures, and share them with you in exchange for product and press. If interested, please contact us at MV.MERMAIDMONSTER@GMAIL.COM

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