A History of Navigation By: ethan polanich

Navigation is one of the many things that have helped us developed of fast paced and advanced world today. Early explorers did not have electronic voices telling them where to turn and in how many feet. No, instead they used a system of mapping winds and currents to help them navigate the oceans and seas. But later the Portuguese started to go a little deeper in the field of long range oceanic navigation. They found this big current that would carry them to the new world and back all the way to England.

Later King John II, the king of Portugal, formed a committee of navigation. They formed new tools and updated their understanding of the way to get around the open ocean.

Some groups such as the Māori were leaders in the ways of early pathfinding. They came in waves to New Zeland from Polynesia. They came bearing no tools. They had to study the night sky and weather patterns.

Even in todays world navigation by the stars in an extremely valuable skill to posses. Not only sailors use this. Some pilots many need to use the stars to navigate their way across the sky. There are 57 key navigation stars that are used. They were all properly named and some names were modified after WWII.

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