Textiles- Interior Designer By Jackie gervais

Kelly Wearstler

Theses designs were all done by the famous interior, graphic and fashion designer Kelly Wearstler.

She was born November 21 1967 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Kelly is known for her hotel designs, product designs and commercial and residential interiors. She has her own business and opened her own design firm in 1995 called the Kelly Wearstler Interior Design or KWID for short.

Wearstler usually works in California, America and has worked for clients such as Mercury Records, Ben Stiller, and Jeanne Tripplehorn. She attended the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, taking classes in architecture and getting her bachelor's degree in interior and graphic design. Kelly Wearstler had internships at both Cambridge Seven Associates in Boston and Milton Glaser in New York while attending college. Kelly's mother was an antiques dealer so from a young age, Kelly was already introduced and interested in the design world.

Her Style

Others describe Kelly's style as playful, elegant and sometimes over-the-top. She uses luxury features, elegant chairs, unexpected lacquers and old-style stately wallpapers. Kelly Wearstler describes her design style as modern glamour, romantic and midcentury modern. Throughout Kelly Wearstler's work you can see that she gives a nod to the past and a wink to the future in the styles she incorporates.

Hollywood glamour, neoclassical ornamentation, pattern, texture and COLOUR are all especially her personal design inspirations. Wearstler was put onto the maximalist list of designers, where she uses the term more is more instead of the classic less is more. In being a maximalist , she fills all her space and always finds a way to add more to a room or product. Some of Kelly's biggest inspirations were the famous designers Peggy Guggenheim and Doris Dulee.


  • Vogue Top 10 Best Dressed (2007)
  • TIME Style & Design 100 (2007)
  • Elle Décor Best Designers A-List (2015)
  • Wallpaper* Top 20 Interior Designers (2015)
  • Architectural Digest AD100 (2016)

My Product

I designed and created a rectangular pillow with two different sides and with cream fringes around the edges. The one of side of my pillow is made of a patterned cotton with black, gold and lilac triangles creating a pattern very similar to ones used on Kelly Wearstler's wallpapers and because she usually uses geometric patterns. The other side of my pillow has a soft, flexible black leather looking fabric on because in Kelly's designs she usually uses black, lacquers and leather as well as gold accompanied with a bold colour. I added the fringes to my pillow because Wearstler uses fur in a lot of her furnishing items and I thought the fringes around the edge created the texture and interesting factor needed for my pillow and how it was inspired by Kelly Wearstler.

The interiors that inspired me were:

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Jacquline Gervais

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