Hello everybody! We pray that this Christmas weekend was recharging for everyone; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As we look forward to the start of the new year we hope that you all continue to battle with us in prayer. This past year brought a lot of disunity and fear into our culture, and we hope that this church and our homes can help bring the peace, hope, and love of Christ within our "greater B-town" area.

Praise God for His Work

  • We have officially registered with the IRS and have opened a bank account. We are getting close on having a place to give/tithe online at CrossCurrent.Church.
  • This week we are going to look at a couple of school locations. We are also looking into another possible location that would also be a great option.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for our area; "Greater B-town." This encompasses Burlington, the surrounding Alamance County area, and anyone who might find their way into our town via interstate. With the new year comes new struggles and pain and we want to pray that we can serve as a beacon in the darkness.
  • Continue to pray for Harvest Baptist Church. We want to show our love for them through our prayers.
  • Ed Moschler has been making great progress with his eye. Continue to pray that he make a speedy recovery.
  • Support prayers for our missionaries: Cassidy Hursey (NY), David & Kristi Mize (MI), Jesse Hursey (NC), and Lance Brown (National).

CC.C Pillar: (Romans 5:12-21) At CC.C we believe through Adam all have been doomed to sin. Through our humanity we have what we refer to as a "sin-nature." Because of this, we are all destined for physical and spiritual death. However, being "born again" allows us to have a new nature in Christ, one that brings salvation.


  • Give us a praise from this past Christmas holiday! Let us know of anythings special that happened.
  • Continue to inform us of any locations you might find or already know of (lobby, auditorium, space for children care, easy access/parking, cheap, etc.). Though we are progressing towards a school option, we want to continue exploring any options we might have.
  • Continue to email us with your prayer requests, both private (only seen by leadership) and public (which can be included in future newsletters).
  • Contact us with any people you think would want to join this church, even if they are just interested in getting our newsletter. ALSO, there is now a way to sign up for the newsletter directly from our website www.CrossCurrent.Church. The website is still under construction but there should be a box to sign up to the newsletter. If there is any difficulty you can contact us through email at news@crosscurrent.church.

Contact Info

For any feedback and prayer requests, please respond to news@crosscurrent.church

When all is said and done, the life of faith is nothing if not an unending struggle of the spirit with every available weapon against the flesh. -Dietrich Bonhoeffer


As usual, we have included a devotional in the original email. These serve to further strengthen the body in their knowledge of God, His Word, and His church. We ask that you take the time to prayerfully read and meditate on this short message as we continue to walk together in unity of Spirit.

If you missed a devotional, you can access recent devotionals at the links below.

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