December 2019

Center for Mass Communication

Third year students in the Specialty Center for Mass Communications are employed and interning for the Roanoke Railyard Dawgs, putting their multimedia skills to the test in the real world. Starting in September, these students began their training, learning new software and techniques for live broadcasts. These students will continue to progress and improve their skills throughout the rest of the season. Congratulations and Go Dawgs!

Automotive technology

The students shown are changing the oil in a Ford Mustang, improving their skills and preparing for future competitions.

building trades

Nathaniel Valentine (Junior, Hidden Valley) is using a saw to cut a piece of plywood. The students in building trades are currently working on a tiny house which they are building for charity.

Center for engineering

Seniors are designing and modifying battery powered cars for preschool children with disabilities. These specialized vehicles will be able to improve their motor movement and allow exploration into the world. Seniors are also adapting interactive toys for children with disabilities, like adding new controls (buttons, levers, etc.) for control and accessibility. In addition, students are also working on creating an automatic compost sifter to decompose organic waste for fertilizing crops.

Center for performing arts

Students are currently rehearsing for two of their upcoming performances. In this photo, the students of Performing Arts are preparing for their dance recital at the end of February.

Center for visual Arts

Visual Arts and Museum Studies is currently helping the Seniors create their own unique AP Portfolios. The program is practicing different aspects of art to spark an interest for all students, these skills include wood burning, creating sculptures, paintings, and drawing comic books to help find the right career for all students.


Cosmetology students are using the skills they learn in class to bleach hair. Mannequins are used for learning and practice.

criminal justice

The students of the Criminal Justice Program continue to develop their skills through hands on demonstrations and practices. Second year students are going on a field trip to the General District Court, and then hosting a mock trial with the mass communications students. The third years are currently working on a project that culminates all of their skills. They are working with the building trades program to design and create model crime scenes, and then explaining the proper investigative methods that would be used by a detective.

culinary arts

The Culinary Arts program is cooking up some interesting activities and fun opportunities to put their talents on display. The program served a Veteran’s Day breakfast where they prepared and presented meals to veterans. The program is working on edible housing with the Masonry Program, building miniature houses out of ordinary food. Every day, the Culinary program serves the students at Burton with a student run store. All of these events help the students showcase their talents and improve their skills.

cyber security

Cyber Security is currently working on getting their official Microsoft certifications. This helps the students with future job opportunities and helps them build their resume.

Early childhood education

The ECE program has continued to receive firsthand experience by interacting with children from the TAP (Total Action for Progress) “Head Start” program, an organization based on preparing preschoolers for future learning opportunities. Head Start specifically focuses on teaching children good manners and positive attitudes, as well as promoting physical activity. The partnership provides Head Start children with familiarity of a common learning environment, and in turn provides Burton students with additional, valuable insight into a subject they may want to pursue as their career.

emergency medical technician

Currently, at the Emergency Medical Technician Program at the Burton Center for Arts and Technology students are being taught how to assess a variety of possible and likely situations they might encounter. Students are now practicing on training manikins and their peers to sharpen their recently acquired skills in the field. Next semester, students will partake in real-life situations to experience what being an EMT is like.

jobs for Virginia graduates

JVG members participate in many off-campus activities such as team building excursions and volunteer opportunities. The Burton students help out at Feeding America and the Community Solutions Center's Feeding Program.


The Masonry Program at Burton Center for Arts and Technology has been helping out our local community in job sites such as Cave Spring Schools. They have also put up a sign showing recognition to our country’s veterans. Along with helping out Roanoke, they have been focusing on upper level projects such as fireplaces and building their skills in their field.

mechatronics / robotics

First year students are working on machine projects. The second year students are working on a collaborative project with criminal justice. Third year students are working towards NIMS certifications.


Motorsports is currently working on their preparations to the hot-rodder’s of tomorrow competition. They will be competing as the #1 team in the nation. After winning last year and setting a national time record our motorsports engine team is at the top. While at the competition the PRI show is taking place.


The students in the Nursing program are continuing to develop their medical skills with presentations and performing medical simulations in the new facility. The lab has an assortment of medical equipment and mannequins for real world medical simulations as they continue to learn more about the human body and how it works.

teaching internship

Students are being guided on how to run a classroom. In the first semester, the students travel to Burlington Elementary school to teach 1st and 4th graders.

video game design and programming

Game design teacher Mr. Warf teaches students skills that advance their knowledge in the creation of video games. Year one game design students are working on obtaining their Microsoft Office certifications. Year two game design students are working on basic visual programming projects.


The welding students are currently tasked with making a number of corrections to a watering trailer. They are doing welding work to the frame, installing a new axle, extending the tongue, and putting in an all new hitch system. They also continue to better their welding abilities every class by working on a number of small projects as practice work.

happy winter!

Stay tuned for the next Burton Briefing!

Created by the junior class of the Center for Mass Communication.