Amsterdam A hot city..

Not quite the weather we were expecting in Holland. It has been unusually warm and dry the last two days we have been here in Amsterdam. In the high 80's°f, with it expected to be in the 90's tomorrow when we leave. The average is usually in the low 70's this time of year. The locals tell us it has been this way for several weeks now. The grass is brown and many of the trees look a bit wilted too. The Dutch usually love this type of weather, but when on vacation far away from their country. 99% of the buildings here have no A/C either. It will be interesting to see what it's like outside the city in the country side. I am sure the farmers can't be too happy...

That all still didn't dampen our enthusiasm to explore this great city furthering this trip. We took the train a couple times, but mostly got around on our two feet. Walked a total of 20 miles in the last two days, with many areas of the city still left unexplored. We'll leave that for another trip.. We did do another canal boat tour, but this time we picked a smaller boat that could take us into some of the narrower canals that the larger ones couldn't reach. Really well worth doing!

Apparently Amsterdam had its annual Gay Pride parade the day before we arrived. There still were many rainbow flags hanging on many buildings, boats, and street poles throughout the city. Amsterdam is probably the most accepting city in the world when it comes to different cultures, beliefs, and practices. You can sure smell some of that “Practice” as you pass by a coffee shop. No, I am not talking about roasted coffee beans. Still, Linda and I were not disappointed to have missed the Parade the day before. Sounded pretty wild from eye witness accounts...

Anyway, I am not going into the all the details of what we did these last two other than we ate some great food, drank good Dutch beer, met really nice folks almost every where we went, and just had a great time. Instead here are a few pics worth sharing.

Just a few thousand bicycles parked outside the train station
Every bicycle and Heineken beer lover should have one of these
Rainbow flag still flying from the church
Ahhh, good cheeses
And baked goods too..
Enjoying our lunch watching the boats go by on the canal.
Saw a few boats with kids fishing the trash out of the canals.

Had a great visit to the Amsterdam museum to learn a bit more about the history of the city. It wasn’t as diverse or tolerant in the past.

This is a shot I wouldn’t have been able to take on a larger tour boat.
This one either... Hard to tell but there are 11 bridges all lined up. This is where I miss my better, but much heavier camera.
About the same size as our boat, but we didn’t get any orange “Sun”brellas.
Many of the old row houses built a few centuries ago tilt either to the left or right. The wood piling that they were built on back then are rotting away. This small section of row houses are called the “Dancing sisters”.
Many row houses also tilt a bit forward, but this was done on purpose.
A few more shots..
Momma bear and Poppa bear beers at the end of a hot day..

Tomorrow will our first day back on the bikes.

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