Isaiah De Leon Business Management


Who is fighting the hardest battle you know? how can you be kind to them.

i would say my grandpa because right now hes battling against cancer, its hard to see him go through that because hes my father figure. being kind? this weekend we threw a surprise party at this place in dunbar. It made me happy just to see smiling and having good time. he turned 74 on Sep, 4th.

Sept, 1

Who's the most loved person you know?Why?

The most loved person i know is my grandma, the reason i say that is because she is just so loving to everyone and shes very kind. every time shes around someone she just brings loving towards them. that why i picked her as the most loving person i know..

Aug, 31

What are your goals for this school year?

My goals for this year is to pass all my classes this year and my history test. Also i want to get the A B on a roll again. Another goal i have is not to miss a lot of school this year also be the best that i can be.


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