Harriet Tubman 1820-1913

She escaped from slavery in the south to become a leading abolitionist before the American civil war
She freed 700 slaves in 1863
Her last mission was to save her sister but when she went their she found out she had passed so instead she took the Ennals family in 1860
She helped eight slaves plan an escape and was know to be a hero.
She found the under ground rail road

Her nicknames were minty, and Moses.

She was married to Jhon Tubman.

She changed her name to Harriet after her mother in 1849.

She was hit in the head with a heavy metal weight that was amied at a run away slaves witch caused her to have seizures.

She adopted a baby girl named Gertie.

In 1851 she stole her husband back in Maryland.

Tubman became involved in women suffrage giving speeches in Boston, New York, and Washington.

She stared having premonition and vivid dreams.

She said that god communicated with her in 1833

She husband died his name was Nelson Davis in October 18 1888.

She would have been free when she was 45 years old.

Her house was destroyed by fire in aburn in 1880

She was born in Dorchester county, MD in 1820

She died march 10,1931 in Auburn NY

On quote Harriet said was "I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands of more if only they knew they were slaves"

This is our stamp this is Harriet Tubman.

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