The History of Basketball by yadiel miranda

Origin of basketball

James Naismith was a Canadian American PE( physical education) teacher. He invented the game of basketball at age 30 in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts YMCA gymnasium to provide athletic distraction from the cold winter to kids. Thanks to him basketball has grown into a game played worldwide by more than 300 million people.

James Naismith 1861-1939
He is also credited with designing the first football helmet.
He penned the first basketball rulebook, and established the basketball program at University of Kansas

Diffusion of basketball

The first basketball game was played under Naismith's 13 original rules. The sport was met enthusiastically by players " The early diffusion of basketball can be correlated to those original players and the YMCA," Arbogast said. When they took jobs at YMCAs around the country or even went on Christian missions around the globe they brought this new game with them." Collegiate basketball games were played after colleges being founded. Then the NBA was founded in 1946 and international players started entering the league becoming role models for other international fans spreading their fame around the world. And so on and on that the game carried overseas to Asia and other east countries where other European leagues where created making the sport diffuse massively in a hierarchical diffusion . Also now that technology is more advance now people can just look up pictures, videos, articles, they can even watch an entire game on their phone live and this helps more people learn what basketball is.

Hank Biasatti the first international player in the NBA

Distribution of basketball

The NBA, the NCAA, Spalding, adidas, Nike, Jordan, basketball channels like TNT, ESPN,etc...all this sponsors are all distributions of basketball all over the world because they make products or services available for the consumer or business user that needs it

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