Softball By: Lanie Mullen

What is softball

Softball is an extraordinary sport. Softball teaches you many skills too, for example, hand and eye coordination. Softball can also teach you the importance of teamwork. Without your team you couldn't win, consider them your second family. Softball season usually starts around the spring to summer then spring to fall. So technically you can say you play year round. Softball gives you strength and a lot of communication skills especially if your an infielder. Softball also helps you stay into shape especially during the winter when your doing cross fit for 2 hours every Wednesday. Softball is a very easy sport to learn and there's a lot of heart and passion put into it everytime you play. Softball is a huge commitment, when you start during the summer playing more and more you have less time laying around on your phone on the beach. Good news is you would have the best beach body. In conclusion that's what softball is, softball takes time and commitment to play. You learn so many everyday skills from it and it gives you a second family, that's what softball is.


How practicing and working out helps your performance

During softball season or even before, it's critical to practice and workout. Without practicing or even working out your probably won't even win a game. You would be tired throughout half of the game. That's why you practice before the season starts. Without practicing you would have the right strengths to play softbal, for example batting. Without working out on your arms before the season starts they don't have the fight muscle to hit a ball hard and far, but when you work out your arms they become stronger letting you hit so many homeruns and triples. So working out and practicing is crucial during softball so you can become better and better. There's always things for you to work on before the season starts. When you practice and workout you can be the best out there on the field. Not only does it make you feel better it makes you a better player, and who wouldn't want that. When you start your season after practicing and working out you look great and feel great but if you didn't you wouldn't at all you would feel bad and out of shape.

Practicing and not practicing
Softball is the best sport

Softball is the best sport in the whole entire world. It involves dirt and grass and the outside how could it get better then that! Softball is so easy to compared to hockey and basketball. There's always something new happening in softball unlike hockey and basketball, hockey your always skating around and chasing after a puck and basketball where your always chasing a basketball. That's Boring, in softball you get to throw around the ball and dive for the ball and tag people with the ball and even hit the ball. Also you get to swing a bat and let all your anger out meanwhile in basketball all you can do is shoot the ball into the net. I will admit that you can hit the puck in hockey to let al, your anger out but it's not the same. You get the rush that the ball is flying high and fast and sometimes if your lucky it goes over the long fence and you feel good about yourself. Softball and hockey are almost the same too because they both involve trying to score and the team with the most points win and both are almost played year round. In conclusion softball is the best then any other sport you get to slide and hit the ball. Even sometimes you get to even let your anger out and feel good about yourself. That's why softball is the best sport.

The fundamentals of softball

Softball is a easy sport and all as long as you know the fundamentals of the sport. So first, you wanna know how to catch and throw a ball. If you don't know how to it's pretty simple and easy; just have a catch with a bouncy ball and keep your eye on it as if goes into your glove. Secondly, fielding, fielding is probably the main thing you wanna know for softball besides throwing and catching. Fielding involves even out field work to catch those high pops. So first thing you wanna do is always keep your glove on the ground. Always think ball first then glove it'll help you to remeber to keep your glove down while receiving the ball. Thirdly, another fundamental is batting. Batting is one of things where your progressively getting stronger and better at so if your a weak batter now you will get better. Finally the last fundamental is base running. It sound easy and stupid but it's also very crucial to the game. You need to know when to steal or even know how to slide. Without knowing how to run around the bases you probably wouldn't be able to score. In conclusion base running, fielding, throwing, catching, and hitting the ball are alll very important to softball. They are all the things that make up this sport and make you a player. Working on these fundamentals can help you become a really good player.

The fundamentals of softball
Having problems with your teammates?

Are you having problems with your other teammates? Sometimes being with your teammates a lot you get annoyed with each other. At some point in your career you will come across a bully on your team. If you see another teammate being bullied, you must tell the coach or a parent immediately. If you are a bystander, don't get involved just let someone know before the problem gets out of hand. If you are the one being bullied you have to stick up for yourself. Don't be scared to let an adult know what is going on. If their is bullying happening the team will be effected and you will lose games. Don't stay quite about the problem because bullying is a difficult thing to deal with. If the person being bullied is scared to tell an adult you have to no matter what that person wants. You have to look out for your teammates. Hopefully the bully will be kicked off the team. The problem will be solved as soon as you tell an adult. In conclusion, you should always tell an adult if there is bullying going on with the team.


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