Engineering Nate parodi

Different types of Engineering

  • Mechanical molds metal for practical uses
  • Nuclear finds how to stop radiation
  • Environmental builds filters to stop pollution
  • Electrical builds electronics like cellphones
  • Bio make artificial limbs work properly
  • Aerospace makes rockets ships, airplanes,etc.

Why it is a good job choice

  • It has many different job options
  • You can work almost anywhere
  • it pays a lot of money
  • engineers are always in high demand
  • Everyday is different than the last
  • The new inventions usually benefit society

Curiosity the rover

  • It took 2,500,000 dollars and 7,000 people to build it.
  • Needed,parachute ,jetpack, atmosphere,to descend
  • In first trial the parachute broke
  • Curiosity ran of a radioactive element
  • The parachute was 65 feet in diameter
  • Curiosity was able to navigate itself.


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