Creativity and Innovation May, 2019

Making Our Mark

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the FIRST and ONLY "You CAN Do The Rubik’s® Cube" Ambassador, Ms. Gullo for the state of New Jersey. Ms. Gullo is the Library Media Specialist at Marlboro Elementary School.

As an Ambassador, Ms. Gullo can conduct training and workshops. She can also set up and carry out Rubik's Cubes Competitions. There are also opportunities for her to write lesson plans and articles.

After learning about the "You CAN Do The Rubik’s® Cube" Lending Program from a couple of her colleagues, Ms. Gullo scheduled to receive a 2x2 set of cubes in January. She was able to keep the cubes for six weeks before returning them. The cubes were used in her library with all grade K-5.

The Rubik's Cubes can be integrated into so many subject areas including, math, art, coding, and engineering. After seeing how much fun the students were having and how many academic and social skills they were gaining from the cubes, she decided to run a Champions before school club called, "Cubelet." The club was a tremendous success!

After the six weeks were up and Ms. Gullo had to return the cubes back to the company, she realized that everyone including herself missed having them. Ms. Gullo also thought about how as a child she used to have Rubik's Cubes that she could never solve. Now, here she was, an adult, and actually learning the algorithms behind the solutions and seeing what a positive impact the cubes had for the students.

It was then that Ms. Gullo decided to reach out to the company to see if there were any professional opportunities for her. The contact person, Meg McCann told Ms. Gullo about the Ambassador Program opportunity. She applied to become an Ambassador and her application was ACCEPTED!

MTPS is thrilled that Ms. Gullo was granted this professional opportunity! The You CAN Do The Rubik’s® Cube Program is extensive and packed with possibilities!


MTPS believes in a learning environment where students are encouraged to use their imagination to make something new without the use of technology.

As part of Disability Awareness Month schools were challenged (a little friendly competition) to create a mural as one way to build awareness in their school community. All students took part in creating the mural for their school. Every school did a WONDERFUL job creating murals that represented awareness for disabilities.

David C. Abbott Early Learning Center
Asher Holmes Elementary School
Defino Central Elementary School
Frank J. Dugan Elementary School
Marlboro Elementary School
Marlboro Memorial Middle School
Marlboro Middle School
Robertsville Elementary School


(DRUM ROLL please.........)


Ms. Fix and Mrs. Roco were all smiles when they received the Disability Awareness trophy.

The students at David C. Abbott Early Learning Center created a feather to be a part of the school wide collaborative interactive wings mural. The mural was inspired by international street artist, Kelsey Montague and her What Lifts You campaign. The mural represents how “we are all different, but together we soar”.

Every feather is unique and symbolizes differences.
When those unique feathers are put together they create a beautiful pair of wings that represent unity.

This mural was a perfect way to celebrate acceptance and understanding of autism and disability awareness in the month of April.

Students and staff have been having so much fun interacting with the mural and becoming a living work of art by stepping (or dancing) into the wings.

A Special Kindergarten Birthday Surprise!

The kindergarten students at Defino Central Elementary School celebrate their birthdays with mystery readers.

Kieran had a special request for our math coach, Mrs. Magielnicki to come in and read a math book.

She brought in Math for All Seasons written by Mr. Greg Tang (NY TIMES Best Selling Author of 8 Math picture books from Scholastic). The students loved trying to solve the math riddles.

After posting the special reading to twitter, Greg Tang was amazed and excited that Kieran requested a math book. He retweeted the post and sent Kieran a signed copy of the book for his birthday!!!!


Walking down a hallway, entering a building, leaving a classroom or going to their lockers our students are always "creatively" reminded that they can and do "Make A Difference".

David C. Abbott Early Learning Center
Asher Holmes Elementary School
Defino Central Elementary School
Frank J. Dugan Elementary School
Marlboro Elementary School
Marlboro Memorial Middle School
Marlboro Middle School
Robertsville Elementary School


Parents Operating With Educators for Results

On April 4th, MTPS hosted the 8th annual P.O.W.E.R. "Bring Your Parents to School Event". The theme for the evening was "A Passport to Learning", and students and their families "traveled" to learning stations where they engaged in fun, interactive English Language Arts and Math activities created by members of our teaching staff.

Students had their passports stamped at each station and received activities and resources to continue the learning at home.
Australia's own Miss Havens & Ms. Alicastro hosted "Sight Word Recognition and Application in Writing"
Mrs. Battillo & Ms. Devitto from the United States hosted "Comprehension - Roll and Respond"
Canadians Ms. MacDonald & Mr. LaGuardia hosted "Estimation"
Ms. Bauer & Mrs. Hart from China hosted "Operation Games Using a Deck of Cards (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)"
Mrs. Marich & Mrs. Kruznis from Mexico hosted "Making Inferences"
Mrs. Bono & Ms. Cody from France hosted "Integrating Reading Comprehension with Application of Math Games"
Mrs. Latona & Mrs. Fiorello from Italy hosted "Muti-Step Word Problems (Whole #'s, Decimals, and Fractions)
Miss Kazin & Miss Tansey from Great Britain hosted "Fact Fluency Games (Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions, & Create Your Own)"
Mrs. Bodak & Ms. Flaccavento from Ireland hosted "Interactive Writing Journals"
Students had several opportunities to win small prizes at the estimation stations and also enter into a grand prize drawings!



MTPS believes in a learning environment where students are given the time and space to discover, develop, and celebrate innovative ideas, creations, and solutions to problems.

8th grader, Chloe Lee, designed the logo to symbolize how when experiencing the podcast, students recognize and say, “This is about ME”.

A few months ago Mr. Ancona from Marlboro Memorial Middle School found himself feeling that he could do more."I could do more to encourage student voice, I could do more to give students more freedoms, and most importantly, I felt I could do more to truly listen to what students have to say.", said Mr. Ancona. And just like that the The Monarch Experience Podcast was born.

Despite teenagers having social media platforms to express themselves, this podcast gives them the ability to voice their opinions about school, their social lives, and their personal interests in a way that guarantees it will be heard and have a much larger reach.
From California to Chicago to Brazil, India to Marlboro, The Monarch Experience gives students the ability to not only impact people across the globe, but allow adults to hear, and better understand, things that are concerning teens today.

The podcast shows not only the innovation of Marlboro students, but their belief that their generation can express themselves using technology as an outlet. They are the voice of this generation. Mr. Ancona is so proud of how articulate, charismatic, insightful, and creative these students are.

Click https://anchor.fm/monarchexperience and listen to The Monarch Experience. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

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Snapchat @ The Monarch Experience Podcast

The MTPS & Google for Education 2019 Summit: Creativity & Innovation was held on March 8th, 2019. This was MTPS’s second year hosting a Google for Education Summit. This year’s theme was “creativity and innovation.”

We hosted over 40 guests from neighboring school districts, ranging in roles from teachers, to principals, to curriculum and technology supervisors.
The focus was on how our teachers and students use G Suite for Education and other educational technologies which foster a creative, collaborative, and innovative learning environment.

The agenda was packed with engaging presentations from our very own teachers, which included the following: 20% Time and G Suite Success Stories, Keeping current on G Suite, Design Thinking and a Maker Mindset, Google Sheets, Google Classroom, Experience Google Cardboard, and Creativity & Innovation at Google.

Guests participated in breakout sessions, a student panel, and classroom visits.

Our "Student Ambassadors" escorted the guest around Marlboro Middle School during breakout sessions.
Our "Student Panel"
"Using Google Classroom and Docs to Streamline Curriculum Projects" with Mr. Ballone
"Maximizing the Power of Google Sheets for Admin Tasks Like Placement" with Mr. Shatz
"Creativity & Innovation at Google for Edu" with Peter Logli, Google for Education
"What is Design Thinking and Implementing it in the Classroom" with Mrs. Gross, Mrs. Allen, and Mrs. Weinshank
"Keeping Current on G Suite" with Dr. Hibbs
"G Suite, Design Thinking, and the Maker Mindset" with Mr. Seibert
"Experience Google Cardboard - Using Google Cardboard in Connection with Peardeck to Visit Ancient Wonders" with Mr. Bucci and Mr. Osborn
"Teacher Success Stories" with Ms. DiDonato, Mrs. McQuade, Ms. Kuldanek, Ms. Dugan, Ms. Flaccavento, Ms. Tansey, Mrs. Bono, Mrs. Pagliaro, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Weinshank, & Ms. Scalici

Feedback from the event was super positive:

“Great mix of people in different roles. Very informative and helpful. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. The event was well organized.”

“I got to see examples of how other teachers are implementing the technology in their classrooms and it gave me a lot of good ideas of how I could use them in my classroom.”

“The wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm of the presenters made the workshop a joy.”

A Special Thank You.....to all of our teachers who shared their creativity and knowledge:

Lauren DiDonato, Lauren McQuade, Ailish Kuldanek, Maggie Dugan, Jamey Flaccavento, Jaclyn Tansey, Fara Bono, Samantha Pagliaro, Jaime Allen, Heather Weinshank, Lisa Scalici, Andrew Bucci, Scott Osborne, Jay Seibert and all of the teachers who welcomed visitors to their classrooms! Additional thanks to the Marlboro Middle School principals, Pat Nieliwocki, Eric Tatgenhorst, and James McCann; Dugan Elementary principals, Rich Pagliaro and Sashi Gundala; Marlboro Elementary principals, Mitch Shatz and Cathy Yorke, district administrators, Morgan Gross, Michael Ballone, and Dr. Eric Hibbs. Special thanks to Tricia Tyndorf for securing a generous breakfast donation from Panera and Whole Foods and for taking tons of photos, and to Vinnie Palmiero for helping out!

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