Art By: Nathalie ALVAREZ

My collection of my favorite works of art.

Vincent Van Gogh: Starry Night

This picture stands out to me and shows how many mysteries the night holds. I really like this picture because it represents a lot of suspense and the longer one views it over, the more objects come to the surface. This also shows how interesting the night can be and how much can hide in the darkness.

Michelangelo: The Creation of Adam

I really like this painting because not only does it show the creation of man, it also shows the power of life. I love the detail on the hands and crevices of the wrinkles. This picture shows a lot of power and love.


This painting shows so much. It shows mystery, identity, and a lot of colors. The colors contrast very differently and show a lot of emotion. The fact that the person behind the hood is hiding their identity says a lot. The mystery involved in the character of the person is very interesting.

However, one of my favorite techniques of painting is Pointillism.

Georges Seurat: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Pointillism is the technique of painting where small dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. This painting is very famous for being used by Georges in 1886. However, this technique was introduced in 1800 and was mocked.

Mary Cassatt: Baby Reaching For An Apple

This oil painting uses the pointillism technique in a way that mixes the shades perfectly. What I like about this work is how the image looks so innocent and pure. It reminds me of an older literature story.

For more examples of pointillism...


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