Future-forward: Placer County Library Take a glimpse at what's in store for your public library

A bold five-year strategic plan for the Placer County Library was approved Aug. 27 by the Placer County Board of Supervisors. The plan includes giving every school-aged child in the county a library card, “pop-up” libraries, self-scan checkout systems and more. Here’s a quick look at what’s in the plan and its four main goals.

Goal 1: Deliver services by offering innovative solutions to meet community needs

The plan promises library patrons a more modern library experience.

Here are just a few of the upcoming exciting features:

By March 2020, implement self-scan checkout systems at all library locations. The use of radio frequency identification, or RFID, reduces the amount of time required to perform circulation operations and gets you in and out of the library on your time.

By June 2023, complete a pilot program that provides the public with unstaffed hours of operation at one or more library location.

By June 2024, remodel or improve three library facilities that support the Library Facilities Master Plan to deliver innovative multiple-use spaces that meet customer expectations.

By December 2024, increase library usage by 20%.

Goal 2: Connect people, places and programs to advance community engagement and an improved experience

The library isn't only a place to pick up books and other materials - it's a place for the community to gather.

Here's a look at a few ways Placer County Library can create a greater community experience.

By October 2020, translate five existing services or marketing tools to a bilingual English-Spanish format.

Beginning in July 2021, position at least one "pop-up” library per month at community events in Placer County.

Beginning in July 2022, sponsor a quarterly library forum to facilitate civil dialog on community-related issues.

Beginning in July 2022, annually collaborate with one county social service agency to develop library programs and identify resources that help to strengthen community.

Goal 3: Partner with community stakeholders to enhance delivery and sustainability

Our Placer County Library depends on relationships with community partners to achieve success.

Here are a few examples of how the Placer County Library hopes to strengthen its relationships in our communities.

By October 2020, implement a pilot partnership with the North Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce to determine the benefits of leveraging opportunities with existing community stakeholders to develop future partnership infrastructure.

By July 2022, work with the Friends of the Library groups to build a shared vision for their support and contributions to the library system.

By December 2024, ensure every school-aged child in the library’s service area has a library card.

Goal 4: Build a skilled and engaged workforce scaled to deliver services that enhance the quality of life for the community

Excellence in customer satisfaction continues to be a key priority for our library staff.

Here are few ways our Placer County Library plans to continue its commitment to our library patrons.

By June 2020, ensure that all supervising staff are able to write accurate and timely employee evaluations.

Beginning January 2021, all professional library staff will participate annually in one library-related professional development activity.

By June 2021, ensure that 100% of staff consistently apply and practice Placer County Library customer service standards.

The Placer County Library would like to thank everyone who attended and engaged in multiple focus groups and community meetings and participated in surveys to help create the five-year strategic plan.

Stay tuned for updates on the Placer County Library’s webpage, placer.ca.gov/library, and Facebook page, facebook.com/placerlibrary.

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