Personal Finance Chapter 6

I have $5,000 to invest into stocks.

I have decided to invest in Aetna. The price of a stock for Aetna is $134.90, meaning I can buy 37 shares for $4991.30. Aetna looks like a very good company to invest in, a YTD change of +24.77% and a change of +4.06%. I have spoken with my dad, who knows about these things because he owns stocks, and he things that this would be a good investment to make as well.

I also have the other 5,000 to spend on other things.

I have decided to put the full amount of $5,000 into a IRA (Individual Retiring Account) because it will be a very good investment into my retirement and I want the interest to guild up over the years until I am ready to retire.

I believe that these are very good financial decisions because it allows me to safely invest into my future with the individual retirement account and also attempt to make profit with my $5,000 in stocks with Aetna.


What are some of the factors that will impact the value of your stock purchase?

There are many different factors, such as a change in management or the introduction of new products or policies. Because of this, I looked for a very stable company to buy stock in.

What are some of the fees and taxes you may run into buying various investment products?

You may run into taxes imposed by the government on certain investment policies, especially those run by the government.

You are young what are some of the potential investments you are willing to make now, that you might not as a retiree?

I might look to buy a more expensive car or house because I know that I will be able to financially support myself in the future with income, but as a retiree I may not spend so much because of the capped income I will receive.

If you encounter any problems, what agency could help you?

Any of the government agencies such as the SEC, FINRA, CFTC, FDIC, NCUA, or CFPB are all working to protect my interests against various things such as fraud, scams, or a lack of transparency.

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