Gaius Marius By Jacob


  • 157 B.C.
  • Cereatae
This marks the site of Cereatae

Who was Gaius Marius

  • A roman general

Dates of Elections

  • Consul 7 times-107 B.C., 104-100 B.C., and 86 B.C.

How did he want to end Rome's troubles

  • Everyone was able to join the army, and before that, only people who owned property could join the army.
  • Gave the poor pay, booty, land, and pensions to convince them
  • Brought jobs to the Romans with no jobs
  • This hurt the Roman Republic because the people gave loyalty to the general instead of the government

What were the Marian Reforms

  • Group of military reforms led by Gaius Marius
  • Each soldier was assigned to 1 of 6 identical centuries of men
  • There were 10 cohorts of 180 men making up a legion
A legion had 10 cohorts

Roman Civil War-Marius and Sulla

  • The war happened because the Senate gave Sulla a command that Marius wanted
  • Sulla fled from Rome to get 6 of his most loyal legions then he marched on Rome to attack Marius.
  • The Marians led a force of gladiators to fight Sulla. Marius would offer freedom to any slave that would fight Sulla. His army couldn't resist Sulla's army and Sulla won the war.
  • Marius and his allies were sentenced to death, but Marius escaped capture and death.

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