ET Demo #2 Plickers Allison Hughes

What are Plickers?

Plickers are paper clickers. With Plickers you can take attendance, or, poll or quiz your students.

Plickers is innovative because it replaces costly clickers and outdated clicker software with a few sheets of paper and an app on your smart phone. Plickers are also not just limited to polling students anonymously. Becuase you can identify student based on the card they are using you use Plickers for graded assessments and attendance as well.

A Plicker card. Note the A, B, C, or D sides of the image, which when at the top of the card denote the student's answer choice. Also the numbers at each corner denote which student this card belongs to.

Why are Plickers an Emerging Technology?

  • Plickers have the potential to disrupt the established "clicker industry" by offering students a free option and teachers a clicker option that doesn't come with a lot of software.
  • Although the technology is not new (based on scanning QR codes), this use for them is new.
  • And although clickers are common in higher education, Plickers has not yet established itself as the common clicker option for higher ed.

Want More Information?

Watch Plickers in Action Below


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