Emergency Medical Technician Ben Delepine

Who do I want to work for?

I would like to work as an Emergency Medical Technician for Mercy Flights.

What is the company I work for?

Mercy Flights is a ground ambulance and air medical transport service based in Medford, Oregon. At Mercy Flights I would be an EMT or possibly and assistant instructor. But first I will need to take some EMT classes at RCC so I know what I'm doing then go to BYU to specialize in some other fields.

Where am I working?

I would like to work here in Oregon because in Medford there is already a Mercy Flights building and I know some people there. I would also like to work here because I have lived here my whole live and don't really want to leave. But if the job demanded it I would work somewhere else but if I had to choose I would work here as an EMT.

When does the company hire?

There are multiple jobs within Mercy Flights from a communication center supervisor to a operations assistant and all these jobs are available at different times. If there is no open job to apply for you can send them an email from their site.

Why does this Career interest me?

I think that this job interests me because not only does it pay well but I also get the chance to help people on a daily basis because that's what I like doing. I also feel that I have some of the qualities it takes to be a good EMT like being good at listening to people, physically in shape, and dependable.

How does one get into this industry?

  • You have to be willing to move from where you would like to work to wherever the job is.
  • Having a good internship also helps with finding a job with Mercy Flights.
  • While on your internship pay attention what everyone is doing because one of the best way to learn is by what everyone around you is doing.

Here is a video to show what EMT's do.

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