Graphic Design Portfolio Claire English

Personal Projects:

The Hummingbird:

This was a tutorial that I followed but it was also a test of my improvising skills. The tutorial probably had 20+ items that it was linked to for the tutorial, however, without exception, every single one of them were blocked. And so, I had to find images and textures on my own and just kind of use the tutorial as a guide rather than a follow-along. It all worked out in the end though, and I am very proud. Basically I started with a blank background and made what you see as the background out of four or five different textures/colors. Next, I traced a picture of a hummingbird and from there it was just a series of adding effects (mainly bevel & emboss, inner glow, and drop shadow.) This was all done in photoshop and I mainly I learned about effects and what they do (I love bevel and emboss so much.) I also learned that sometimes you don't have to rely on the tutorial; I like how my finished product looks similar but also at the same completely different than the tutorial's final design.

The Ocean Horse Edit:

I used Photoshop to mask out the background of the original horse and rider picture and then placed the picture of the ocean as the background. Initially, I had the picture so that the hooves were in the foreground and so I didn't have to deal with where the hooves landed. However, after thinking about it further I decided that I wanted to have (at least part of the) hooves in the picture. So from there I copied part of the ocean in the back, brought it forward, flipped it, and then played with the masking to make it look natural. That part along with the selection of the horse were probably the hardest things about this. Selecting the horse was tricky especially with the mane and tail because this latest version of Photoshop didn't really have the refine edge tool... I had to figure out how to use that.

Underwater Dragon:

Here is my "Underwater Dragon" photo composite that I did in Photoshop. Basically I started with a simple ocean picture and added everything you see, from the light rays to the bubbles to the fish. I spent quite a while on this one and I learned a ton; first off, organization is KING, in the end there were about 40 layers and probably with adjustments it added up to over 100. For each different item I made a new group with the item and all its adjustments which really helped with keeping everything organized. Additionally, my selection skills have improved (a kind of a given with photo manipulation but you know.) I also learned so much about blending a item into a scene and making it look natural. Every single one of these items had at least five adjustments just so it would fit into the lighting. Speaking of lighting, lighting is so important, this was an ocean scene so items had to be adjusted accordingly. There are light rays coming from the top so a lot of my time was spent simply on the dragon and making it look like light was hitting its back and shadows were falling from it. I spent a good day just researching how water affects light. Blending modes are extremely useful and I used them a lot here, especially: color, overlay, soft light, and screen. My knowledge of when to use each of them has increased dramatically.

Client Work:

These "Library Spirit" posters are kind of like 7 items in one so I'll just talk about the process of having a client in general here and explain my process below. So all this started when I was in the library and noticed that the "Book Club" posters were very outdated. Later, I went over to the library and asked Ms. Gilbert if I could redesign it and she got very excited and asked if I could make "something similar to the Spirit posters but library themed." And so that's what I did. Skip forward to about a week ago when I went back in and showed her all of the pieces I had made. She was so happy! She loved all of them! I know you probably can understand that feeling but I've never felt anything like it... to have worked so hard on something and have my client absolutely love it. Her reaction made my whole week and I'm so proud to have worked on something that wasn't for me.
This format was of course initially yours so thank you for letting me use it to help with my "Library Spirit" posters. It actually works out really well because that was basically what Ms. Gilbert wanted and I didn't even know you had these for your photography class. Basically, I started out by modifying the strip on the top/bottom so that it added "library" to "spirit." Essentially, I downloaded the font you used, typed the letters out, and converted them to outlines (which by the way is very hard in InDesign.) Then I spent a couple days changing the words for each of them to library associated; you can read them all in the initial Spirit Poster. From there, I found images, all of them from, that kind of matched the word. This part of the project really brought my problem solving self out as I ran into a lot of obstacles but I'm really happy with the end result... and even better, so is Ms. Gilbert!
Improving the book club poster is what I started with to begin this massive Library project. Eddie and I teamed up to make the book club logo, he redid the little library conquistador and then I incorporated it into "Serra Book Club." He traced it in Illustrator and then I made probably around 50 different options using different font, colors, etc in InDesign. Eventually I settled on this one and then started making to flyer/poster (also in InDesign.) When I initially made it I didn't have a picture, just the words and the logo, but I felt that there was too much white space so I added the picture of the book and pulled color from it to get the heading color. Being that this was my first client piece, I wanted to make it really nice and so I probably spent 2 weeks on the logo alone. Logo making never was strong suit in 1/2 so I am proud of how much time I spent on it to make it look nice and I am definitely proud of how it turned out. This project also made me dip my toes (and eventually jump) back into InDesign; I can now say I am very comfortable with InDesign where I wasn't really before.
Out of all of the Library projects this one I spent the least amount of time but I still like the simplicity of it and how it turned out. I'll put in a picture of the "before," the one that I redesigned and I have to say my version looks a lot nicer. Basically for this I just typed out everything I needed and then reformatted into what I needed. This project was all about alignment, and so I learned all about the alignment tools in the upper right of InDesign. Obviously I knew the basic ones before but I didn't realize how many there are! Complicated, yet necessary for making sure all the letters were lined up and all the lines where the same distance apart. I also downloaded ALL of the Helvetica fonts that you had in your data files; a lot of my time was spent picking which ones would work best for each part of the poster.

Originals for Book Club Poster and Library Conduct Acrostic:

These are just to show you what I redesigned!


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