OLE Health Fair 03.14.2017

For many, going to the doctor when we are sick is as simple as picking up the phone. For others, the unseen and unknown who till our fields, pick the grapes for our wine, grow our vegetables…its more complicated. That is where OLE Health comes in.

This is their story

Many years ago. I'd say about 15, OLE started providing health fairs to our farm workers because we noticed that a lot of our farm workers were not receiving primary care that they needed. Many of them would wait until they were very ill and have to miss many days of work. Preventative screening wasn't something that they were educated about that they needed to do. OLE Health, back then Community Health Clinica OLLE started going out to different farm worker's locations - wineries, vineyards, the farm worker centers and provide free health screenings. The reason why it's important for us to provide the health screenings to our farm workers is because we want to make sure that they have access to primary care and that if they're insured that they know how to use their insurance to go to their primary care provider.

Many of these farm workers, even though they have insurance through their employer, are still not accessing that care.

This health exam they are receiving today is the only one they probably had within the last several years. It's really important to us to make sure they receive good care. We're ensuring the economic vitality of our community by making sure that the workers that keep that economic vitality are healthy.

The way that the farm worker health screenings happen is we reach out to a vineyard management group, a winery or the farm worker centers and we coordinate this event with them.

A lot of the times they ask us to coordinate resource tables so that other community partners can come in and provide the resources as they are doing today.

Napa Emergency Women's Services

Community Outreach St. Joseph Health Queen of the Valley

During the health screenings we do a registration intake form and that includes demographics as well as health habits around healthy eating, dental and oral hygiene and behavioral health needs.

We also do height and weight, calculate their body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol tests. At the very end the farm workers have an opportunity to talk with the medical provider who will provide recommendations for a follow up.

Height and Weight

Calculate their BMI

Blood Pressure

Glucose and Cholesterol Test

Recommendations for follow up can be something urgent - such as a high blood pressure reading that requires an immediate visit with a doctor - or simply letting the worker know that everything was great and recommend they schedule an annual visit with their primary care provider.

At this event today we also have the option to do a behavioral health “warm hand off”. If the providers see something in their assessment that requires a behavioral exam, counselors are immediately available to speak with.

Alcohol and drug counselors are available for a warm hand-off if needed.

The last part is scheduling follow up appointments. If there is an individual that is uninsured, or is insured but doesn't have a primary care provider, we offer them an opportunity to schedule a primary care appointment with OLE Health so that they can have a follow up to whatever results they received from the medical provider.


Photography and Design by David Waldorf

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