Mouse Trap Written by Pukeko Nest Gain

The mouse crept out of the hole. He smelt the tasty cheese. He is trapped and he had a great idea. He is looking at the cheese. SNAP! He is in the mouse trap. He lifted the mouse trap up. Tahlia

The mouse is trying to get the cheese. He got stuck. He lifted the weights. Scarlett

The mouse found the cheese and then it is a mouse trap. The mouse lifts the mouse trap and then she got out. Emily C

I watched the mouse and he said "I can smell white cheese". "Tough" he said, "I am tough. I am stuck in the mouse trap". Kape

The Mouse found the cheese. He got stuck. He didn't give up. Stella

Mouse left the hole. Mouse left the hole. Annabel

The mouse smelt the cheese. He got the cheese. Indigo

The mouse fell into the trap. Bang! Slap! Archie

The mouse crept to the cheese. The mouse got trapped. Ben

The mouse smelt the cow's cheese. It got trapped. he got out. Luke

The mouse got stuck in the trap. the mouse pushed and pushed. Lucy

The mouse smelt cheese. He got stuck. Erina

The mouse went to get the cheese. He likes cheese. he likes to eat cheese. Sam M

The mouse lifted the trap. Eva

The mouse sniffed the cheese. He got trapped. Mouse got stuck. He got out. Troy

The mouse did not get stuck in the mouse trap. He did a bench press to get out. Tom

The mouse smelt the cheese and she is hungry. she got out. Narges

The mouse got stuck in the mouse trap. The mouse can't get out but he did. Esme

The Mouse got out of the trap. the mouse got the cheese. Dylan

The mouse smelt the cheese. The mouse got stuck. Maia

The mouse got stuck on the trap and he used his muscles. Sam H

The mouse was hungry. He found some cheese. He thought the whole thing was cheese but he got trapped by a mouse trap. He was a funny mouse. He lifted a thing up and it was a trap. Emily L

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