The Scientific Method Coming up this week in 4th grade

This is a mind map of the scientific method. This is a great reference image for the students to be familiar with.

A break down of this week:

  • Learn about the scientific method.
  • Review the method, so that we are all more comfortable with the process.
  • Use our online quiz to test our knowledge. ( A link to the quiz can be found below).
  • Introduction to the experiment.
  • Put our knowledge to the test with an in class experiment.
  • Collect data from our experiment and put into excel sheets.
  • Document our data, and put it into our online graphs.
  • Work on our conclusion worksheets in class.
  • Communicate our results on our classroom blog.

This video is fun and helps students to understand how the scientific method can be applied.

This video will also serve as a small introduction to our in class experiment. We will take 4 plants and give them various amounts of water to see which plant does the best.

Click on the link below for a more detailed video of our in class experiment.

Check back at the end of the week for our completed newsletter about the conclusion of our in class plant experiment.

You may contact me via email at any time with questions or concerns.

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